Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube

Publicado em 3 Mai 2021
Please watch the whole video. This is very important to me.
I love y'all, so so much!
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Thanks for watching, and much love!


  • I really tried not to cry in this video. The stuff discussed in here is super important to me, please watch it all.

    • Bro i need you to smile you are realy my Favorit BRleastr and streamer.!

    • Fellow me guys 🙈🙈🙈

    • Glad youre back Noah. Scared me a little w/ the last video 🙊

    • you tryed not to cry i tryed not to cry

    • I’m 22 years old and I have been watching you since you started, you never changed and you always made me laugh and enjoy my life truly. I feel like you were my inspiration to always be myself and stay true to myself no matter what. I almost cried just watching this you’ve been such a huge part of my life. We all love and appreciate you Noah.

  • I’ve been watching your videos for 5-6 years now, I’m glad you didn’t decide to quit forever but if you ever feel the need for a break I’m sure everyone will support you

  • Oh look it you..the one that rages on fuckin Zombies..it just a game

  • I look up to you noah so much you dont even kno your videos have been everything to me, got me through alot of places i never thought i could get out of im so glad your not quitting youtube idk what i would do if you did. Ive watch your videos since 2012 and thats no cap you have been a huge part of my life.. to me your the greatest youtuber out there keep up the great work and everyone lets help this man change the world..

  • bring back the mustasche

  • noah although u kept ignoring me in live videos, i still like ur vids and cant stop watching em. u and the bois always get me laughing and for me personally (YES IDK HOW ITS WRITTEN) u are the best zombie player

  • am i there only one who almost cried

  • How to get views say your leaving youtube the say your back the next day

    • fr it was two fuckin days lmfaoo. people out here really thinking he had any real intention of leaving yt, like he didnt say anything about leaving until like the day before it happened then comes back because "nice comments" WHAT a joke

  • Let me take over your channel as the new noahJ

  • I found noahj456 when he was making custom zombie maps on the original call of duty zombies it was amazing my favorite video till this day is the first pokemon zombie video im very glad your still here noahj please dont scare the community again.

  • honestly a role model of mine

  • We love you man!

  • You are the highlight of my days when you post new zombies content

  • Thank you Noah one of my favorite hero's and one of the greatest friends to talk too, even though I'm still pretty young and learning the world from the ground up, I'm still gonna do the best things and can and ever will, (sorry if I'm having a stroke typing just crying a bit), but all the things you've done for me as a person and the rest of the community as a team, I am very happy to have you as one of the best zombies player's in the world, or a pretty lit memer, also one of the best friends I've every known, I might not be one your best friends or hero's/a person to look up too but I sure know I can try and succeed (hopefully XD). I'm 13 and this next December I'll be 14yrs old. I know, I shouldn't be saying age and stuff but all I want you to know is that I've been a fan since the black ops 2 videos and still watched you to the bitter end, and now to this new beginning. Take care and see you on the flip side. :))))))))))))

  • This isn't my main account but I've been watching you since 200k I have so many memories watching you late at night watching your easter egg streams and honestly it was great and helped me through the final parts of education, keeping me awake finishing my last bits of coursework etc.

  • Well... That didnt last long.

  • Honestly amazing to think about what it was like when he went back to EE4C and saw how much he actually HELPED

  • Rent is due

  • Saya pamit Saya kembali

  • "why i came back" mans took the weeknd off

  • Guys fire bow guide is coming!

  • Take a shot for every time noah has made you cry

    • guess im staying sober

  • Yo Noah don't leave you have to many good memories

  • So you make a video saying you’re ending BRleast and immediately continue to make videos. You’re farming views and likes because you want more money. I was a big fan, now I think you’re a scumbag

  • Seems like you need a little revive...

  • Best BRleastr ever🙏🏻

  • ReSt In PiEcEs

  • Such a puss

    • @SHY literally the mass majority of ppl on this platform top ur favorites sitting down

    • @Sadie Enwurd huh kid who supports a man who sits in a chair

    • Huh weirdo ass

  • he coming back bc he got no more money

  • Noahj456 i dont usally watch these from start to finish cause I typically dont care but I genuinely watched this through caused i cared about your channel leaving youtube youve had such a big impact on youtube and other people your the reason i play cod zombies i used to hate zombies but it seemed fun and cool when you played so I tried it out and hey it was awesome so keep doing what you’ve been doing

  • Someone wants a new whip lmao $$$

  • Leaving and coming back after only two days looks kinda scummy, but I understand what you mean. I am happy to have you back

    • its not kinda scummy its really scummy, also i didnt hear shit about him leaving until like the day before like this was barely planned, feels more lieka pull for views than anything

  • So pointless, almost seems like it was for views.

  • You bastard

  • Bro needs the money

  • U have helped me threw so much the past year thank u for your amazing videos keep up the good work positive vibes

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • I am so happy you are coming back you are one of my favorite COD BRleastrs

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • I love you Noahj❤️ thanks for being a great guy❤️

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • Big bro noah letts get it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • Noah J For President!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you man!!!!

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • I thought zombies was gonna be dead for a second there. First Pat leaves and then You leave. So glad that you’re back.

  • I just relized i wasnt subbed --- -_-

  • Makes a video titled “the end” and comes back instantly. Way to get your bag bud your vid racked a million views👍🏼. Theres no way you go through the whole process of putting it together after so long and then all of a sudden youre like “sike nah”.

  • Keep up the great work bro you are an example for so many. This video needs a heart react option

  • Came back so fast what a faker

  • no cap, i love noah hes way better than buried ali a

    • one of the few cod players who actually relates with and supports lgbtq+ youth, such an inspiration

  • That motivation you have for deciding to continue youtube is one that I can highly respect for years now I've dreamed of starting a channel and/or stream so I could entertain people and help people feel happy, and after recent canceled youtubers I had no idea of where to go and thought I was gonna fall of that dream but this video and you saying what your new drive to make content has shown me a new person I can look up to, someone that at the end of the day just wants to help people feel happy Thank you ^.̫^

  • The man is back

  • very well said. We are all so happy and excited that you aren’t leaving us just yet🙂.

  • Yes!!! You’re back!! Was so bumming that I thought you were leaving! I legit watched your video the other day several times reminiscing and I got emotional! Love you and the boys and so glad you are going to stream again!!!😊

  • Glad you’re back dad

  • Huge Respect man and Happy to hear you reconsidered. I Grew up with you man!!! Never stop and Never change bro

  • so everything aside now that your back Fire bow tutorial?

  • Yesss

  • so no fire bow tutorial

  • My first thought when you said you were done was "damn, now I gotta watch other youtubers complete easter eggs". You left a mark on us we wont forget. All love dude you're amazing

  • U stayed plugged in for too long...unplug, take a break.

  • Thank god

  • Thank you for coming back

  • You are an amazing BRleastr and busted a lot of my confidence

  • I do not want to sound like I’m hating... but Noah took a break that was shorter than the time it took to solve the rev ee

  • because i need money 😂

  • Hey welcome back love to have you back

  • I see nothing disingenious about what you said

  • This man deserves a aot salute

  • Kinda sus

  • Thank god for this .Imagine losing pat and noah in such a short time.I swear if Lex or JC or someone else thinking of leaving I hope they know they will miss out on die rise remastered.🦥🛖🎳🐧

  • Been watching for a long long time. Glad to see you won't be going anywhere :)

  • For the money... nothing more nothing less lol.

  • Love you Noah glad your not gone❤️❤️❤️

  • Leo DiCaprio crossed my mind going “Im not Fkn leaving!!” All jokes aside, thank you for coming back!

  • welcome back dad

  • Noahj u finally found out what youtube is about.. Its to help people its for people to enjoy watching others.. You remind me of markiplier one of the greatest BRleast rs there is.. And what keeps him going.. Is cuz he loves helping people.. So good for ypu

  • Why u gotta make me cry, keep up the great stuff man!!


  • make up your mind you leave or you dont

  • Noah you fell off, my guy this is 2014 BRleast crap get with the program it’s 2021. Last time I watched you I was in Middle School I’m graduated now, you haven’t grown mentally which is good but also not really if you think about it

  • numba 1 content creator U the man Noah

  • Stay strong 💪🏼 head up we love you man, inspiration to all creators 🌍❤️ - (you’ve helped me on a weekly basis kept me distracted from bad head space throughout one of the most mentally challenging years. More importantly made me laugh and feel so much better after watching your videos!)

  • Nothing but respect for Noah. Utter legend

  • That makes me happy you’re not leaving you help me with so many Easter eggs my friend like it when I play zombies with them to do the Easter egg currently we did the fire bace Z one because you help because you posted a how to video to

  • The tears shed over just 2 videos is unbelievable I love you noahj thank you for everything

  • Yesss

  • WHY did you do this it was the longest break on BRleast

  • homie dramatically “left” BRleast and came back on the same day

  • Yay

  • Diamond play button could be a new goal just satin

  • we love you noah

  • I am glad you decided not to leave. I love your content and like many people have said, your content helps us escape tough times etc. Keep doing what you're doing fella.

  • What? All my tears for nothing?

  • This was a stunt but eh

  • Literally stay off BRleast bro, you can’t even get an EE tutorial right.

  • Well I'm glad you're not leaving you too cuz I watched you for I can tell you how long glad that you stayed with the platform I know it means a lot to a lot of people thank you again


  • Thank goodness u not gone

  • This is the most BRleast shit I’ve ever seen

  • What a break

  • Love you Noah❤️

  • Thank you Noah for years of quality entertainment.. I am 42yrs old and have been watching since black ops 2 days. I still go back and watch the H1Z1 videos for hours during work. You've helped make my days better. I appreciate everything you do on here. Glad you're back and keep up the hard work. You're not just a BRleastr you're a role model and a place to turn to make these hard days much better!!