WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV

Publicado em 5 Abr 2021
WENDY's 1st Mini Album "Like Water" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WENDY_LIKEWATER
💧'When This Rain Stops' Live Video: brleast.info/rock/video/rKHRe7-bxIWsoYk
01 When This Rain Stops
02 Like Water
03 Why Can't You Love Me?
04 초행길 (The Road)
05 Best Friend (with SEULGI)
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WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • It's so dreamly...

  • I don't know Korean but I can feel every word you say dear Wendy..... this song is so peaceful I love it

  • '-' Angel '-'

  • I love this song so much!

  • esta canción es muy hermosa

  • Lets support our wannie and give power to our queens for a great comeback ... Reveluvs who are with me

  • Wow!

  • Like water

  • The best vocalist

  • My vocal queen wendy

  • Hindi naman tayo umuusad doon sa mubeat na yon

    • Tumigil na Kasi Tayo magvote Kasi si SM Hindi na pinapunta si Wendy sa music shows...:'(

  • Wala na akong pake sa resulta ng exams ko basta mapromote ng maayos si wendy. Ipagkalat niyo tong mga kanta niya utang na loob pakiusap. Ang ganda kasi lahat pati band version.


  • 9.604.809

  • Wendy vocal adem bener kek ubin masjid

  • keep swimming, luvies! 💙

  • Road to 10M! 💕💕💕

  • Lovely 💕 💕 💕

  • my eyes: lets sleep my brain: str34m Like Water first

  • Wendy 👀😍😍😍👀

  • ahhhh listening to this healing song before going to bed 😍

  • Bukan reveluv, tapi lagu ini hampir tiap hari aku putar saking sukanya sama suara wendy

  • Why cant you love me

  • The road & Best friend

  • Wendy’s rain stops

  • Wendy

  • Wendy Best Vocalist

  • our precious wendy

  • ✿Wendy✿

  • Wendy darling ♥ ❤ 💖 💙 😍 💓 ♥ ❤ 💖 💙 😍

  • Soloist of the year WENDY

  • Lets go 10M views and 1M likes

  • 9.6m yeayyy

  • 9.600.917

  • Thanks for some sea cow that come here helping little mermaid to strm. Keep swimming!!

  • 9.600.321

  • i need u to hold me

  • my love is like water

  • Wendy deserved moreeeeee than this

  • Don't lazy to str3am

  • nine five nine nine 216. 10m we can do this

  • ๙.๕๙๘.๖๓๓


  • ❤️

  • wendy 🥺♥️

  • I'm not a hater of blackpink but she didn’t copy like rose😐

    • If you cant understand that its ironic its not my fault, grow up

    • @Sadia Nur ✨irony✨

    • No ಠ_ಠ

    • @Zeca Afonso you also should grow up dear

    • @Zeca Afonso that means rose copied jennie as you’re saying

  • Her voice is beautiful. When she is singing in red velvet tegen you don 't hear that her voice is so beautiful. Love this song 🥰❤❤❤❤❤

  • she deserve a win for this

  • like water: recording behind and live band version why can't you love me: live band version best friend: recording behind with seulgi when this rain stops: recording behind the: road T _ T

  • *THANK YOU WENDY* For your passion. For your hard working. For all the efforts we didn't even know for comming back. You are loved, Seungwan~ahh

  • Keep streaming... Until you memorize everything! Haha

  • Nere gidiyozz

  • uykum geliyor şarkıdan değil ama

  • Bu mv de favınız kim diye soramıyorum..

    • Demi rndmm

  • Bi 10 mn olmadıı

    • He yaaa baya kalmış az

  • Geldik miii

  • 내 어깨에 기대 눈을 감아도 돼 햇살은 네 눈썹에 내려앉았고 yeah 깊은 잠이 들어도 낯선 공기가 날 깨워 우린 다음 역에서 드디어 보게 될 거야 만나게 될 거야 꿈에서처럼 그림 같아 가장 아름다운 세상은 My love is like water 네 아픈 곳을 채우는 패인 상처들을 감싸고 꼭 안아줘 널 다시 일어나게 해 I need you to hold me 정해져있어 우린 서로 더 채워주고 토닥여 널 낫게 해 Like water water 날 살아있게 해 yeah 너라는 의미 I know And I just wanna thank you for believing in me 부서지는 듯 몰아쳐도 파돈 어느새 바다의 품으로 이 길의 끝이란 운명처럼 모두 네게 흐르고 있어 I want you to love me 네 아픔 나도 느껴져 푹 패인 상처들을 감싸고 안아줄게 널 다시 일어나게 해 I need you to hold me 정해져있어 우린 서로 더 채워주고 토닥여 널 낫게 해 Always like water 넌 나를 비추네 Like you’re water to me 네가 눈 뜰 때쯤엔 다 괜찮을 거야

  • sırada ben seçeyim

  • Lov this song and u voice so much

  • 9,592,398

  • Today is Wendy Tomorrow is Wendy Everyday is Wendy

  • OUR WENDY is backkk

  • My life is like water ____

  • It sounds like a kdrama OST. Omj wendy!

  • What a flop debut 🥴 Low budget MV 🤮 Out of top 50 gaon digital charts🤮 Only 100k album sales 🤮 No music show wins 🤮 Still only 9M views 🤮 only one week promotion 🤮 SM doesn't need this flop woman anymore 🤣🤣 No one can beat Solo Queen IU, Taeyeon , ROSÉ , Jennie , Hwasa 💕

    • Ve a apoyar a tus favs en ves de hacer el ridículo comentando cosas innecesarias :D

    • ah masa?

    • Clown

    • I feel sorry for your mom.. For having someone like you.

    • Truth is bitter Flop is flop 🤦‍♂️

  • almost 9,6m!

  • See y’all tomorrow

  • Don’t sleep late please take care of yourself

  • Drink enough water y’all

  • Stay hydrated

  • While ROSÉ debut MV got about 150M views, this flop water still don't reach 10M views What a flop 🤣

    • Stupid

    • the only thing i see flopping is your life tho 🤷‍♀️

    • Is this your everyday job? Touch some grass kid.. Don't camp on the comment section just to hate

    • What can be better argument while this song is flop?? I'm just saying Wendy debut is flop I'm not arguing I'm just saying the truths 🤣

    • @Dee Dee you've got no better argument? what a shame for a person like you 😩

  • Thank you for coming, I hope this song makes you feel better. Love you

  • My luvies Like Water~

  • Love youu love love

  • Love youu love

  • Suara nya ada mirip suara Taeyeon sedikit... Suka banget dengan suara nya Wendy

  • U're so pretty on recording and MV love you Wendy

  • I am living for this, Wendy! Thank you

  • I need the road live performance 😭

    • please, Wendy acknowledge The road she's your child too 😭

    • aren't we all 😭

    • Oh yeaah !

    • @Up 24 me too 😭

    • @Wan Swanme Yeah 😭 We have live performance and behind record for like water and when this rain stop, Band live version for why can’t you love me, And behind record for best friends Meanwhile the road: I’m okay :D


  • No offense but it sounds like some Chinese song that I don't know when I heard before. It is just me or does anyone feel the same?

    • @Raymond C your question is used by haters to give hate towards her.

    • @Today Is Wendy That's why I was asking, no offense. I always liked red velvet

    • @Life Goes On Like Water Carat Here

    • @Raymond C what song is that? you came here only to say it’s sound like Chinese song I have listen before without even tell what the song is.

    • @Dee Dee Hmm I'm not sure but it really sounds like a Chinese song that I heard before

  • Wendy is the first Kpop Female Solo artist to top iTunes album chart in 30 countries with one album. Really proud of her 💙

  • Wendy Best Girl

  • SM, i need the road recording behind

  • the Best vocalist!!

  • We get it bro ur so in love with wendy u feel the need to obsess over her careful tho obsession ain’t a cute look 😬

  • #1 on worldwide iTunes Album Chart for two days yup our Wendy did that 😎

  • Everything will be fine~

  • Gönül ister ki bu ay 100 milyon yapalım ama nerde

  • Worst vocalist 🤮

    • you think an opinion of a mouse matters because? back to the hole you go 🤦‍♀️

    • 🤣

    • @Dee Dee you came here and spread much hate comments. That's DEFINITELY my business, babe ^^

    • @There Sia it's not your business baby 😍

    • I saw your comment more than once. How much do you love to be here, flop hater?

  • Nolur hemen olsun ya zaten çok geç kaldı 10 milyon olmaya

  • Who says main vocalist of 3rd generation??? Lolllllll There are many idols who is better than her 😐 Shameless praise

    • @Dee Dee owh, so you are in unwell condition, dude? Get your body and your mind some rest !

    • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • @Dee Dee I learned to thank for from the one who sings in this MV, even for "someone" like you ^^

    • No need to thanks I'm just pity for this water girl flop debut So I'm just want to give views from me 😜

    • @Dee Dee also, you said you didn't come here but your comments proved how many times you spent here. Thank you for keep comming tho ^^

  • Hala 10 milyon olmadı ağlicam

  • Flop water

  • Best vocalist

  • This is the most boring song I've ever listened

    • @Dee Dee say what you wanna say about this mv, lol. doesn't change the fact that wendy is the best vocalist of this generation, and even topped itunes chart with a mini album. now how about that

    • That's why old people said truth is bitter 😜 Don't be shy She may be successful as a solo artist in one day But not now At now, she is just a flop 🤣

    • @Dee Dee is flop the only hate word you know? hun, what a shame

    • @Dee Dee it really is. you've got no better argument i guess? just purposely spreading hate with wendy's mv with your senseless arguments. 🤮

    • When their idol is flop, fans are saying this song is for her fans blah blah ...... What a flop 🤣😗🤣

  • Bad vocal

  • This song is really meaningful thank you Wendy

  • Gosh I love her so much

  • Like water~ Water~