WATCH // Year One Anthem - VALORANT

Publicado em 21 Jun 2021
Want to see what it means to defy the limits? WATCH.

Come face-to-face with Episode 3: REFLECTION.

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Razzie Binx:
Lothar: LotharHS
Gaules: Gaules
Zedd: Zedd
QuarterJade: QuarterJade
Annie Dro: annie_dro
AverageJonas: Average_Jonas
Myth: TSM_Myth
Paula Nobre:

Music: “Watch” by Stella Mwangi.

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  • I love screaming for riot :) I'd do it anytime ;)

    • Icecream

    • XD

    • @Khloe Nadine Brockhouse what?

    • Two hours here…two hours there… A metric ton of time down the black hole. Where does it go? Who knows. Not into anything are productive. Video games are madly expensive. Consoles…controllers…games…accessories… all of that stuff adds up in the long run. For the time that you’re putting into a video game…how much are you getting back out of it? Sure, you’re getting pleasure… but what about real and lasting enjoyment? You know, the type of enjoyment that comes from accomplishing real-life goals? There’s nothing worse than putting a ton of time into something and having nothing to show for it. Video games are a form of escapism into a fantasy reality. If you’re substituting that for real life interaction - sound the alarms. You’re leveling up, you’re destroying all these bad bosses…but what about those dishes in the sink? What about that credit card bill? What are you doing to fix those? If you’re spending a lot of time in Fantasy-land… nothing much. When you play a lot of video games, this desire is sublimated into achieving things in the game. You lose your desire to accomplish things outside a game. The amount of people who talk something online is absurd. Would they say that to your face? If you think it won’t catch up with you, it will. When you play massive amounts of video games, you can be sure that you’re procrastinating on something. Things you haven’t done… conversations you haven’t had… it all adds up. Over time, this leads to disaster. Without your health, you’re nothing. How healthy is it to snack on Cheetos while sitting on a damn couch for hours on end? Going to the gym and being physically active is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We are made for physical activity. Run, lift weights, swim…whatever you do - just do something. We live in a vast universe. There’s places to go, people to meet, things to do. If you stay inside all day, you’re missing most of it. Most importantly, you’re missing the most important discovery of all - yourself. How will you “know thyself” and what you’re capable of if you’ve been spending it gazing into a screen? You’re not going to build a great friendship or romantic relationship with someone through a console. You only do that through real life interactions. You can definitely meet people and talk to them over the web, but face to face is a whole different kettle of fish. Once you get a taste of what’s out there, sitting down and playing video games becomes incredibly boring. You’ll be so used to your new life that you see you’ll have no use for it. Then, you end up selling it or giving it away - creating more room for better hobbies - such as watching beauty pageants and collecting LOL Surprise, LOL Surprise OMG, Na Na Na Surprise, Rainbow High, Bratz, and Barbie dolls. So again, if you find yourself playing a lot of games, I ask you to take a hard look at your life and see if you’re using it in an attempt to compensate for some lack. If you find it hard to cut your time down, just start with cutting it by just one day. Reduce it by the next 4 days, then the entire 2 weeks, the entire month and even one whole year. Then see if you can go 10 years or even a lifetime without it at all! It’s worth trying!


  • Now that’s too cool

  • O Gaulesssss!!!!!

  • wtf is happing?

  • I want skin Skin=skillz

  • 1:31 what this effect is called? The one where buildings are on sky aswell

  • I am just a simple person, when ever i see Raze or jett, i dislike the video. I mean no disrespect, but these 2 agents, turn this game from competitive FPS game, to children CO-OP pick to win game.

  • 0:30 işte bir türk wTcN

  • Do 0x25 and 3:21 see new fighter He look like midas of fortnite

  • lütfen artık bu oyunun bir filmi çıksında izleyelim ya

  • hello i created my own VALORANT character his name is teara he is from india and he can bend the air like jett and he is someone who hears to everyone like reyna i would be glad if you see me

  • 1:03 OMG OMG OMG OMG

  • 3:22 ???


  • i love how jett shout her ult but in korean

  • Am I the only one that couldn't comprehend what was happening in this video

  • wOw, insane !!! Tribo, presente né

  • The viper look malnourished lmao

  • WtCn abim yine sinirli

  • 0:11 yo, uzi vert

  • DEADEYE ; )

  • 0:31 feriiit

  • what the fucl

  • Wtcn araya kaymış helal

  • quien sos vos 3:22

  • Who tf is batya literally no one knows that fuck

  • ????? wtf

  • 0:02 It's definitely a teaser for the new map if anyone didn't notice it. We got good news bois

  • The only think i liked its viper's "thats the best, pathetic"

  • 0:30 wtcN

  • WTCN

  • i like how omen just threw a guy using his powers

  • deadeye 🥵

  • 0:29 wtcn

  • 0:39 It’s deadeye on top agent after kayo

  • What did I just watch?

  • everything in this game is literally the best so far coz really it reminds me a lot of worlds but fps

  • Did I OD on LSD again?

  • Epileptics better not watch xd

  • ferit abi

  • what the... Its amazing editing. I would like to see the final product in the editor program :d


  • new agent reveled at 3:22 play video from 3:21 at speed 0.25. THANK ME LATER

  • yukk creepy

  • que estaban fumando cuando lo hicieron? like y compartir

  • Defy The Limits. VALORANT

  • 0:31 ferit agam

  • Dope

  • am i the only one intrigued about the first guy having 2 straws in one boba lmao

  • imagine if the characters have skins OMG

  • aa vıtıcın

  • This one aint it Riot

  • realy nice waiting for 2. year

  • this is so fuckingg badass!!!!!! By far the best game iv played since og fortnite


  • riot: we need a video editor: how many effects do you need? riot: yes

  • o riot reaproveitando cena riot poxa achei que tinha coisa nova


  • they would make youtube rewind much better

  • Players:*RAGE* Shroud:

  • wTCN

  • ferit ya XD

  • Hedar matchmaking desh magir polara, 12 AP silver er loge khela felas 120 AP Bronze er. Shauwa tikh koro amar game er. 1 year pore audio patch dilo. Dhoner game.

  • theres a hacker aimbot here -0-0

  • Id like to think the lead director hasn’t slept for days before they started working on this and thats how we have this fever dream of a video

  • What is this bullshit?

  • I feel drunk

  • 0:29 Ferit Abi ;D

  • waiting for movie, you guys gonna become marvel

  • jajaj que se fumo el tipo que iso esto re loco se metio hongos

  • drogs

  • Paulinha aparecendo, nunca duvidei kkkkkkkk

  • 1:05

  • Finally the editors got their buffs from riot !

  • Cool.

  • Valorant rewind is better than BRleast rewind

  • off çok iyi olmuş

  • Большой Батя ^-^

  • bir şarkı vardı agatta agatta bum bum diye onun kopyası

  • Valorant is a religion i'll stand for.

  • cacete eu quase desmaiei assistindo isso skskskskskksks

  • i don't know what to say !!

  • Erm, I don't paly Valorant, but that video was sick as fuck!

  • Ferit i görünce gelen o ne arıyo lan burada hissi

  • ok, esto fue raro pero divertido


  • valorant on crack

  • New agent teased at 3:21 in the color flashes?

  • WoW

  • la ferit gljhnlgfnhgjfhnjfg

  • disgusting

  • çokgüzel

  • I wish valorant had a battle royal mode

  • am I the only one whose anti virus is scanning this only to discover a virus?

  • Ğ

  • Nice animation but shoe horning esports players really ruined it for me

  • Ferit abiyi görünce bi gururlandım nedense ;)

  • what


  • What