王嘉爾 Jackson Wang - 一個人 Alone (Official Music Video)

Publicado em 29 Jan 2021
Official Music Video for "一個人 Alone" by Jackson Wang - Out Now:
Music Video Directed by Jackson Wang and Ojun Kwon
Production Company: Team Wang and Always Run Film Production
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Official "一個人 Alone" Lyrics:
Already know
You think I don't know what is right
I can just let it go

Walking all Alone
182 I feel my Enemies

I can walk again
I can walk again


Walking all Alone
182 I feel my Enemies

I can walk again
I can walk again

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  • I relate to the lyrics to hard. At the end of the day, the only person by your side is yourself. You have to slowly learn and get used to picking yourself up.

  • Jackson Wang on Marvel ShangChi's soundtrack aaahhh

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  • Who on earth dislikes such a great song?... Like most relatable lyrics and heavenly voice... Just WOW

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  • Yo y mi inactividad en youtube waaaa voy a extrañar a got7

  • I don't understand chinese and Korean...And I m nt comment so much...Bt i listening this song ...I want to say love is the greatest language in the world...And if u can make smile someone face that means u r important ...So do what u want .I m nt fan of u wang...Bt i really respect u..I want u always be happy ...I want everyone happy in their life.

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  • The lyrics speaks to me, it's so inspirational, yet very personal for him! You are a very handsome genius Jackson !!!

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  • Need some wind at the ending.

  • az önce birisi kalbimi kırdı, istemsizce youtube'a girdim ve ilk yazdığım şey "alone" oldu... neden bilmiyorum... bundan önce de mutsuz ya da gergin olduğumda jackson videoları izlemiştim. farkettim ki en zor yanlarımda yanımda olan tek kişi hep jacksonmış.. teşekkür ederim jackson. ben minnettarlığımı sana ne kadar göstersemde, sana ne kadar teşekkür etsemde, seni ne kadar sevdiğimi söylesemde az... gerçekten az. çok minnettarım ve çok seviyorum. ♡

  • This is our Jackson everyone

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  • 看到了奥运五环 看到了TEAM WANG 看到了指向飞机场的指示牌”I’m on the run” 听到了PAPILLON 还有破茧成蝶的Jackys no matter what 你不是一个人💚🤍💚🤍💚🤍

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  • I am a simple 18 year old Italian girl who loves JACKSON WANG, he is the only man of my dreams but I wake up and see the reality that I am a simple mortal !!!, you surpassed your beauty and nobility with your TALENT !!! , I love you!!!(◔‿◔)

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  • Where was this song shot, the location?

  • Jacksons FALLSETTOS sound identical to someone i know. .anyway the song is about a severe personal struggle Thank you for singing it ...your voice is amazing. .and so are you Boss wang

  • My most favourite song of Jackson Wang! Why? Before I knew the lyrics in English I felt the song through Jackson’s singing - pure emotion is what drew me in to loving this song! Jackson’s soulful singing is first class! I will be listening to more songs by Jackson in Chinese!

  • This is the song you can stream all day and keep working

  • i got to know him only two months ago and i know that i am gonna be super loyal of his. because his voice is captivated me that i can not leave him anymore

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  • "Мой Джэксон самый крутой, ибо нефиг!"

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  • This is smooth and I love it 🥰

  • Love ❤️ you Jackson! A true blessing to see your life reflected in this one song! You are an inspiration to so many! I’m so proud of you! May you continue to walk your journey and make history! Love ❤️ I❤️

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  • Love the guitar intro.

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  • I love songs that don't have girls smoking or dancing....Just PURE TALENT..LUV U...

  • Você ouvi Jack cantando e imagina um pitibul, dai olha aquela carinha e descobre que é um filhotinho de golden

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  • I’m not gonna lie. The first time I watched this and I saw Jackson running towards the car, I was kinda scared that the glass would break and he would fall

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  • 一個人

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  • a daily reminder: Don't lower your standards for the sake of not being alone.♡

  • Ele nunca estará alone, estamos sempre aqui por ele

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