The Secret Behind Bucky's Arm

Publicado em 8 Mai 2021
Lorraine Cink talks with Eric Leven, VFX Supervisor on Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, about the behind-the-scenes secrets of how Bucky's iconic metal arm is made.

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  • haha cool

  • Them DIY bangs doe

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Don't anybody ever snitch on Rocket!

  • the disbelief in his eyes when Ayo literally disarmed him. I keep repeating that scene over and over!

  • Imagine losing all of the limbs and get all the metals one from the same material as buck's

  • Bucky’s Pride went off with that Arm when she took it off.

  • when i tell you the freezeframes of his arm are perfect for designing one for cosplay

  • Walker 👍👍 Falcon 👎👎👎

  • when will captian return

  • We need captian please

  • Gotta hand it to the vfx team

  • 👍🏻

  • I learned that TFATWS was going to be a movie and Bucky was going to be the new Captain America but they scrapped the idea

  • Okay but she lowkey looks like hannah

  • Rocket taking very careful notes...

  • I suggest you not to reveal this to rocket.

  • This was fun to watch and understand how this scene worked. The scene itself really caught me off guard. Focusing more on what the maybe underlying message is in the moment, I think it shows how the Wakandans still see Bucky as a potential threat. Even though they helped him, they still felt that they couldn’t trust him enough. When Ayo removes his arm so proficiently, you can tell it’s a move that she among the other Wakandans may have anticipated. The look on Bucky’s face is shock, and maybe even sadness as he realizes they can’t and maybe even won’t trust him, as they clearly still feel the need to have a way to control him. If you think about it that way, I think it’s kind of a compliment, like he’s still considered lethal enough, but mostly sad because Bucky has been trying to leave the Winter Soldier behind him, and no matter what he does people like the Wakandans are taking advantage of him and not willing to trust that he really isn’t the WS any more. He’s just Bucky. Additionally, again, that need to control him honestly pisses me off. He might as well be the WS again. He was controlled as the WS and now even as he has returned to being Bucky, he’s still being controlled.

  • Fun fact: Wakanda actually bought buckys arm from the moon men with safemoon tokens

  • Still impressed by the Dora Milaje, theyre not even super soldier but can toe to toe with bucky

  • I stupidly thought Sebastian Stan would be here and then I realized it'd make much more sense for the VFX guys to actually answer the questions. 💀

  • 1:57 "et tu ayo?"

  • Do we really need that scene explained to us? No.

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Rocket: *starts taking notes*

  • Everyone talking about how sad it is when Bucky’s arm falls off but did anyone else find it hilarious 💀

  • Justice for old capt america

  • Oh, I'll get that arm

  • I like the old arm with the red star on it.

    • So does Sebastian. He says that was his favorite.

  • Woww! I didn't know Miley Cyrus was such a big Marvel Fan 😜😜🤣🤣😭😂😭😂

  • Ok

  • I'm so excited for this show to come out!!!

  • The secret behind bucky's arm is ... Rocket : hey wait lemme note it down

  • I hope Marvel realizes how popular the Winter Soldier's character (and Sebastian Stan) is. They can do so much with his arc, it infuriates me that he's used as a mere plot device and not given proper closures.

    • I agree. His character is the most tragic and has the most complex character arc in the MCU. Not to mention Sebastian Stan is actually the most talented actor in same. RDJ is great but he is really just being RDJ in all of his roles, the rest of the guys are pretty one dimensional in their acting. Sebastian on the other hand is charismatic and he has been asked to play four variations of the same character and carry that throughout a decade of movies without a misstep. He is capable of communicating multiple emotions in one moment without a single word of dialogue. With the least lines of dialogue in the MCU besides Groot he has amassed a huge and loyal fan base. What a waste of the best actor in the MCU.

  • We want iron Man 4

    • Iron man is dead If u want more iron man then read comics

    • We already did, it was called Civil War.

  • when bucky got his arm disattached he was surprised that they could do that but also felt betrayed because it means that nobody truly trusted bucky

    • And isnt it amazing that Sebastian is such an incredibly talented actor that he can give us so many emotions in one look? Surprise, disbelief, betrayal, sorrow, questioning. Best actor in the MCU hands down.

  • I love how much the Wakandans trust Bucky 😂

  • fun fact its fake only create this in movie not real live its on only vfx not a all prces to do thsi


    • no1curr

  • Zemo dance was the best scene in this entire show.

  • Cool video

  • Isn’t that a big invasion of his body by taking the arm off like that? Bodily autonomy much?

  • "Bast Dumped You James"

  • The dislikes are from Flagsmashers

  • A Stump?

  • BAD. Boycott Anything Disney.

  • I bet Bucky can't wait to see what failsafe is in Sam's new Cap Suit & Wings.

  • I love this show and Bucky’s arm looks awesome

  • This show was such trash. Please stop putting politics into everything and making everything woke. I'm about ready to cancel my Disney plus subscription. I've already decided to skip The Eternals and I will wait for reviews of Black Widow from select reviewers I trust.

  • Can't get over how much this woman looks like Miley Cyrus.

  • عجب جزعیاتی👏👏👏

  • دورا میلاژهههه

  • is that rechargeable?

  • 0:26, 0:58 and 1:27 Everyone is obviously looking at his arm while I'm looking on a different sighting 😍😋

  • You Look So UGLY!

  • I thought it would be a storybased video

  • They had a chance to have Bucky reference rocket and they blew it lol

  • We decided to do it as much practically as possible "Okay Sebastian..time to lose ur left hand.."

  • Full metal alchemist 😆

  • That show was so goddamn boring. It was a snoozefest.

  • Does anyone know what Ayo says after she detaches the arm? I had the subtitles on but it still didn’t say anything.

  • how many cans of soup can he open with that metal arm?

  • 2:14 “So obviously Sebastian can just pop his arm off...” “Nono, he can...”

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • What a cool video!

  • Idk why I get excited every time I see him swing that arm back to lock it in place but…😉

  • The real secret behind Bucky's Arm:- There is a tiny bucky living inside Bucky's arm with his own metal arm

  • The Dora milaje be like: trust but verify, that sneaky failsafe was pretty awesome, the look on bucky's face was priceless

  • i really need more of this show

  • So tortured that the questions and answers were separate recordings with different pace...

  • the Spiderman haters

  • It would take the present world at least a century from now to reach the Wakandan technology

  • He stole the shield from Sam and kept it on his cupboard. GIVE IT BACK TO HIM!!!!!

  • I loved how terrifying the Winter Soldier was, I'm now excited to see how Bucky does the White Wolf character after overcoming the issues he has in the series. "Hmm, arm's humming."

  • Don’t tell Rocket about this vid🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • When season 2 will come for falcon and the winter soldier

  • Eternals trailer please

  • Nice one....

  • It’s crazy how much work goes into something most people probably wouldn’t even consider... It’s also really interesting to see how it all works!

  • And quill...i need the vibranium arm of that guy.....

  • I know the truth about where the new shield came from. Hehehe Cap’s time travel journey needs to be made for Marvel Fans!!

  • Rocket has entered the chat.

  • Please Russo brothers bring back Tony stark

  • I just can't understand why people like wandavision more than falcon and the winter soldier 😕

  • epic!

  • Stop spoiling the movie, we know it's acting but these behind the scenes r bad

  • Sebastian should have been the next captain America

    • Yep, Bucky got the shield first in the comics. The change was due to deciding to push the black agenda because of the current issues in the US. Powers that be wanted to take this opportunity to lecture white Americans on guilt that they should carry for past atrocities that arent even their fault.

  • pls take me for any movie

  • If Fitz-Simmons are able to make an advanced prosthetics for: - Coulson's left arm, - Rodriguez's both hand, and - Sousa's right leg. I wonder why Bucky didn't go to Fitz-Simmons once he's cleared from all crimes?

  • Who are these muppets?

  • I just love it when I does the wind up spin with his arm

  • Why does his arm have ridges that move? I’ve searched everywhere online and can’t find an explanation. Cap tried repeatedly to lock the arm in place by sticking his shield in a few. With only one arm, the Winter Soldier would sweep the floor with those Wakandan guards.

    • @lehcaraz1 I was thinking a piece per joint of the arm and not down every inch like an armadillo’s back.

    • There probably need to be stress relief points in the metal so the arm can bend and move easily. If it was one solid piece you wouldn't be able to bend it at all.

  • *nice*

  • She looks like fat Miley Cyrus

  • Such a good scene!

  • Where go cap marvel thanos one punch

  • The look on his face when the arm came off was absolutely priceless.

    • Best actor in the MCU without even having dialogue!!!!!

  • "Oh, I'll get that arm..."

  • Awsm series by marvel

  • She's Beautiful ❤️

  • The Canadian lad : Hey guys. .I watch it at 0.25x speed and here I found these important details..