THE BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 (New Trailers) #6

Publicado em 7 Mai 2021
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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2021 (New Trailers)
00:03 Wrath of Man
02:02 The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It
04:35 Occupation: Rainfall
06:03 The Tomorrow War
06:32 A Quiet Place 2
08:14 Luca
10:33 Fast \u0026 Furious 9
13:44 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
15:43 West Side Story
17:08 Siberia
18:57 Chernobyl 1986
19:54 The Great War of Archimedes
21:29 Marvel Studios Phase 4 (Eternals, Black Widow, Shang-Chi)
24:29 The Unthinkable
25:47 Great White
27:26 Flashback
29:27 Wildcat
30:51 Riders of Justice
33:05 Werewolves Within
34:23 Here Today

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  • Was the first guy on the floor Post Malone wtf ?

  • Are these "best"?

  • What has fast and furious become..

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    • @Juliette wayne Nope, you got it all wrong

  • Wasn’t the movie The Unthinkable released in 2018? Cause I have definitely seen that movie a few years ago

  • damn post😂😂

  • All these monster and survival movies....related to the fear of Covid???

  • I would hate to see the worst.

  • Wow no respect for venom 2 let ther be carnage!?!?!

  • so The Great War of Archimedes is just the original movie with english subtitles or?

  • When will there be a movie that warms the heart not tear it out!

  • Except the Pixar part, it´s one movie.

  • F 9 🚀🤡

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  • He killed post malone

  • Oh No not another stupid shark movie smh lol

  • Im waiting on all the Marvel movies

    • The first half of them are going to be bad

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  • wild cat looks like a big ol skiparoney no thank you lol

  • who else got stacey abrams add about voter supression..... shes a grifter... there is no jim crow 2.0 .... they are the crooks she is a crook

  • Great. Another shark movie shitting on the great white and giving it and sharks in general a bad image

  • that audience reaction is the stuff of nightmares, just stfu

  • Nothing new, same old same old.

  • Tyreese was broke as hell. Thank God for another Fast and Furious movie.

  • Who made an entire movie just for Biden/Harris?

  • I’m just waiting for escape room tournament of champions

  • So much coming out! Kind of excited.

  • Its about time Statham make a movie about being pissed off with a gun. BOOOORING

  • Jesus Christ not even gta v was filled with lies like fast 9 wtf was The only word i kept on saying The entire trailer

  • Most of the new movies suck so far...

  • Hopelessly waiting for the Marvel universe.

  • Can't wait for Fast & Furious 100

  • Why the fuck is Steven Spielberg remaking “West Side Story?” I feel like his talents should be spent elsewhere...

  • Fast 9 they better not go to space 🤦🏽

  • It doesn’t make any sense why wrath of man is on this list. This video claims to have been uploaded on May 7 and wrath of man came out May 7 so it was no longer an upcoming movie

  • Mads Mikkelsen being an absolute badass? Sign me up! Also, I hope Werewolves Within is as fun as it looks.

  • WTF? another Fast & Furious ?, which number is it.. the 2596484th?

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  • Occupation Rainfall, the starting was hopeful until I saw Saban straight away think it would fail. Tomorrow War and occupation Rainfall are my type of genre but not sure whether they'll do good

  • We have to wait until '23 for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 !!!!? that bites.

  • Click bait bs smh

  • Miramax ? Really ? Weinstein can rot in hell

  • Taiwan stay Taiwan

  • Shang Chi looks like Shang shit

  • NO John CHINA movies for me ...damn traitor

  • Great White sux

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  • These Fast & Furious movies have gotten way out of control....🤣

  • I donet know how he do it, but Vin Diesel not getting older !

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  • i found the thumbnail hilarious! firing a gun in the water. where it wont work because, water will prevent the bullet from getting anywhere. DUHHHHHH

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  • They show Joe from You. Next scene Billy says this is no time for Jokes but I swore he was gonna say Joe. :D

  • MCU phase is my choosen one, i've been waiting so much, best ever

  • Fast 9.... Yeah but where are the VCR DVD combo players?,

  • another fast and furious... please stop !!!!!

  • I just watched a quiet Place part two in the theater

    • I saw it last week. My wife wasn’t impressed...I liked it. I think at this point, she, like so many others, wants every movie to be a ‘save the universe’ thing. I think QP2 told a great story.

  • Riders of Justice is a 2020 movie...for some reason it's on this list

  • F&F #9 - I can proudly admit to having seen ZERO of them movies

  • I said it b4 and I say it again - there's not enough movies starring Chow!

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  • An excellent older movie is Dark Skies!

  • 32:28 masterpiece lol

  • Finally a horror movie that is actually worth watching. Antlers looks sick as fk

  • is that post malone being killed?

  • Shark movies are a dime a dozen but I'm a sucka for em can't wait to watch Great White

  • Vera Farmiga is rocking these old lady outfits 👍

  • Fast 9 I Can't Wait

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  • Is it me or Post Malone looks like he always needs a shower or deodorant or both?

  • Pa-the-tic

  • Do people not kno you can’t fire a gun underwater and mainly not an flare gun .

  • OH LORD, More Stuff for the "Q" to chew on

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  • Guns and killing are cool.

  • I won’t be giving cena a dime.

  • Oh look another movie where the female is thrust into the hero role when in real life, women are literally never, ever heroic or rescuing anybody, or doing anything honorable. But they’re in 90% of the action hero roles now…🙄🙄🤦‍♂️… another must not see

  • Billy Cristal! It's been a while legend!👍🏻


  • What happened to "A quiet Place 2"? It has not been released yet, and we are already in 2021. Does anyone have any news about when the premiere will be?. Español: Che, que onda? ya estamos en 2021 y un lugar en silencio 2 no se estrenó, alguna noticia de eso?

    • It’s out. I saw it a week ago here in Pennsylvania.

  • No, you wont see me at your movies anymore. Phase IV and Marvel is dead to me.

  • 19:54 I hope it's not about the Yamato and Musashi. If so then the VFX team screwed up. Both the Yamato class battleships had 8 main cannons in double mounted turrets, not triple mounts.

  • fast and furious saddly is no longer car culture...its something else.

  • Whoever is teaching this, God keep his family safe.

    • what?

  • Lmao who else getting stop vaping adds 🤣🤣

  • The laws of physics are a joke to the fast and furious franchise😂😂😂

    • that's why it's a movie... anything is possible!☮!

  • I'm really getting so pissed off with these stupid ads, every time I'm in the middle of reading comments or scrolling down to view other channels, punk ass BRleast whips out some ads. Sorry bub I will always thumbs down, skip and never pay for commercial free BRleast 👍

  • Occupation rainfall is the movie I'm looking forward to ... not watching.

  • God you fuck do not mess with Jason Statham


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  • I wanna see snake eyes just as bad as the marvel fans wanna see shang chi.

  • F9 looks stupid especially with john cena, he is a horrible actor. Should have stopped the franchise after Paul Walker passed. Just my opinion.

  • I just wana watch A quite Place Part 2

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  • Seriously, who watches this shit? I hadn't been to the movies for a while now because I became disillusioned with the garbage that's been pumped out by hollywood. I thought I'd check out the trailers for movies of 2021 hoping there would be something better, nope!