The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2021 (Trailers)

Publicado em 16 Abr 2021
Top Upcoming Action Movies 2021 \u0026 2022 Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | More

Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2021 (Trailers)
00:03 Wrath of Man
02:25 Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
04:21 Fast \u0026 Furious 9
07:32 Those Who Wish Me Dead
09:59 Top Gun 2: Maverick
12:11 Tom Clancy's Without Remorse
14:13 The Suicide Squad
16:57 Black Widow
18:49 Free Guy
21:16 The King's Man
23:27 Mortal Kombat
25:45 Dune
28:42 The Batman
31:00 Godzilla vs Kong
33:18 Jungle Cruise
35:12 Morbius
37:45 Vanquish

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  • Maverick may 2020 WTF !?! Relaese the damn thing already, whats the bloody delay?????? Answers now please, what the hell is going on. Not good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello everybody

  • Cant stand that statham dude. Cant watch any movie with him. Like Reynolds but not going to watch that stupid movie. The last good movie reynolds was in was the voices. So long story short - crappy movies, aint gonna watch them. Thanks for posting, now i know what not to watch

  • Wrath of man + Fast & Furious 9.... i'm gonna literally drown in action xD

  • So mortal kombat looks shit... again!

  • Does anyone know the name of the song from the Vanquish trailer?

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  • As a huge Batman fan, I have never been so uninterested in a batman movie in my life.

  • 0:49 post malon??

  • There're so many movies that I'd love to watch but with so many different subscriptions I usually end up watch ONLY ONE or maybe two but mostly watched NONE.

  • The movie "Mortal Kombat" is totally trash.

  • Oh wow more superheros, lame...

  • if kenneth branagh had played the bad guy in jungle cruise, i'd forgive you for thinking you were watchin wild wild west

  • quite possibly the only film here worth a look is Dune, maybe Batman. Jeez whats happened to our entertainment people? what a fucking joke.

    • actually I'll answer my own question, stop watching movies and start watching original TV. Bring on Expanse, JAck Ryan, Carnival Row, Vikings etc....real stories, real entertainment. Fuck this hollywood shite.

  • black widow, right movie, wrong time. Well played Marvel, how to fuck a franchise

  • the suicide squad.......what happens when will smith cant save a movie.......enuff said

  • without remorse, cos he's a 1 man killin machine, no consequences for his actions, can take out a load of prison guards on his own, has no fucking arc because he's michael B jordan an d he's black and cant face challenge or adversity. Yes, please can I have some more.......Are we even capable of critical thinkng or action here?

  • lets all sit back and enjoy anothe FAF while Vin feeds us more bullshit to keep us " entertained" while he rakes in the mills. Lets get those magnets out, because science. ya know?

  • hitmans wife bodyguard......just another generic bullshit hollywood cash grab with no real plot, ryan reanolds, sam l jackson, salma hyek just playin themselves lack of original thinkin bullcrap...........Enjoy

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  • ¿El Calificador/The Taskmaster en Black Widow?

  • Ethereum 🚀🚀🚀

  • Firewatch without humour = Those Who Wish Me Dead

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  • Is it only me who thinks that... people who comment on Movie trailers are usually those who has negative attitude against Hollywood or might even have negative attitude about life in general... How come someone judge ... a movie by few seconds of trailer to a point even comment that they run out of ideas or creativity. Guys the movies are at least 90 min long.. can not you wait to see the movie? This is absurd. This "covid generation" is messed up in a lot of ways than I thought..

  • Robert Pattinson as Batman:)). What is wrong with you guys??

  • Michael B Jordan truly is a god awful actor...

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  • so nothing to look forward to then?

  • 1:14 this showed way to much of this scene. One shot or two would be fine but not the whole scene ?

  • im glad i didnt see the trailer of wrath of man before i watched the movie, it completely spoils the movie ...

  • Lost me at the Chick with the Trident.

  • John Cena, is Taiwan a country?

  • What's the movie in the cover image?

  • 7:13 Their must be a space/time dilation or something around the LA area of California where the laws of physics as known to us simply do not apply...

  • im gld that every ggayot ass movie with the rock and john cena looks super homophobia. quears.

  • What is in thumbnails?

  • liar

  • Is it just me, or was nearly every movie in here so dumb as to be an insult to your intelligence?

  • I feel like Ryan Reynolds simply "Deadpooled". Same as it happened with Johnny Depp, when he "Sparrowed".

    • Reynolds plays virtually the same character in every movie. Highly overrated.

    • He was like this forever man, check out van wilder

    • Thank god he didn’t “green lantern”

  • The more I see Black Widow trailer, the more I feel is a meh movie. Same old same old.

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  • soooo CRANK

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  • Enjoyed the movie.

  • Thumbnail movie?

  • the last movie looks bad...meh

  • the new suicide squad I though it was supposed to be darker ? looks lame!

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  • garbage in..Garbage out.

  • i feel so sad post malone will never release another song, Rest in piece

  • i need to see a movie where post malone is the main bad guy

  • Oh wait its John Zhena... lol

  • Michael B. Jordan é muito fofo ♥

  • bro dont u get copyright claim ?

  • UFC Francis Ngannou at 6:32

  • 15:26 For a moment there i thought that was John Cena

  • Where's eggsy

  • not watching fast and furious china sellouts

  • 1 pozitive movie comes and 16 negative move comes yeey shit world.

  • another segment of the most putrid purile gansta shite eva?

  • FAST & FURIOUS 9: When a trailer for a movie series irritates you, it's because you're getting tired of the franchise. Before Toreto practiced modest thefts with his modest friends to meet modest needs, using only fast cars, but today he is a James Bond who does everything, even flies with cars! This story went too far and I think they made it to Narnia!

    • At $30 Million dollars a movie plus points and executive producer credits on a $800 Million dollar minimum grossing movie is why Vin Diesel makes these movies. The tenth Fast & Furious movie should be called, F&F 10: Being a Billionaire wasn't enough for Vin Diesel.

    • @I Dunno no u guys jsut dont get it fast and furiouse was never about racing and theft it was about friends family and protecting them the racing was just a sideplot to the actual movie

    • I think he has confused this character with Riddick at this point

  • How many of these movies are they gonna make!?

  • See if you can also say ‘It’s Godzilla’ while keeping a straight face....

  • If Ruby Rose is a best coming action flick....we're in trouble

  • Man This Franchise real car racing with modified card to absolute Rubbish crime fighting bullshit!!! FAST 1,2 AND TOKYO DRIFT WAS THE REAL DEAL!!! REST IS BULLSHIT!!!

  • Guns every 5 seconds.

  • After watching only half of this video I think it's finally safe to call it officially; this civilisation's days are indisputably numbered. Another glass of champagne and let the orchestra play a bit louder please, while this Titanic of Western culture slides into icy depths of human history...

  • Suicide Squad 2 looks Godawful.

  • Dune is going to be sick af

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  • showwwwwwwww

  • dont waste money watching wrath of man its junk

  • I only hope they not going to messed up Dune. If they not going to fly away from books to far it will be a great movie.


  • Interesting movies



  • why did the blood look like blue die

  • Who would have thought Salma Hayek & Ryan Reynolds's chemistry is to the roof in this one. Super hilarious. Can't wait.

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  • F&FFamilia Check innn

  • i crossed my fingers 4 times and i crossed my toes that the joker would be in the bat man movie and now im thoroughly disappointed

  • If John Cena is in that fast and furious movie I didn't see him they lying taking the piss?

  • 15:24 Funniest moment: "Hand?" "we're all gonna die" "I hope so" "oh for f*ck sake"

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  • 2021 is a sad year for!

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  • Someone buy Angelina Jolie a steak.

  • Could someone spoil the fast9 movie for me..?

  • Kc 390?

  • No, no, noooooooooooooooo!.........Fast & The Furious 9!, waaaaayyy overwelcomed their stay in hollywood, fuck that movie 9X!

  • Q bueno estar aqi

  • Fantasy football

  • Who the fuck needs a woke Batman movie?

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