SHANG-CHI TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Publicado em 20 Abr 2021
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Trailer Shot-by-Shot Breakdown \u0026 Every Hidden Easter Egg Revealed! Thanks to BLUblox for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% off your order right here and enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders over $115.

A new Shang-Chi trailer is here, revealing the true Mandarin (Tony Leung) and his crime organization the Ten Rings, which has appeared in the Iron Man films and elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How could this series connect to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Erik Voss breaks down everything you missed in this Shang-Chi teaser, including explanations of Shang-Chi's history in the comics, the Ten Rings throughout the MCU, and the deeper reason behind the redesign of the Mandarin's rings into wrist bracelets. How will the dragon Fin Fang Foom appear in Shang-Chi?

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Written by: Erik Voss
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Kelly Joule, Aaron Carrion


  • I'm aware the trailer was also dropped on Simu Liu's birthday. Disney doesn't strategize its marketing solely around actors' birthdays, people.

    • @Zane Jenkins I love

    • @Fulcrum Name a reason why that matters

    • @Zane Jenkins o

    • @Lucas Sferrazza k9

    • Just tried to watch the video clicked off and came back I can’t watch the video. Copyright claim?

  • You know that sharon is the power broker right ?

  • Madripoor's flag looks a lot like Singapore's. Crescent moon with Singapore's iconic lion's head below the star. Lion city(-state) as it was traditional dubbed.

  • This channel is so awesome. Talk about meticulous on steroids.

  • did the mandarin vanish during the snap?

  • Oh, so this is what Jung was doing in America

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  • Also the Tailor from Kung Fu Hustle is actually a Hung Gar master in real life. Most of the actors were actual martial artists.

  • The necklace probably belonged to his mother that’s why he wears it but also is how he’s being watched

  • As a Kpop Fan and A Marvel Fan I am Going to cry of happiness T^T they Chose Jackson Wang for the trailer soundtrack AHHHHHH go TEAM WANG~~ best of best worlds

  • Then Katy turns out to be the guardian dragon Sisu the last dragon to wear the ten rings!

  • That BluBox shoutout promo was so smooth , Lol

  • I have zero knowledge of this comic or character, but this movie looks cool AF. I think it could be a sleeper hit, kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy was

  • They been teesing madolorian since the start like wanda tf is up with marvel

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  • Its not shung che like you say its chang shi

  • *sees scribble-looking designs on the rings* "you can see writings in the rings. Maybe they tell the history of the rings!" Me: "umm... no. They're just carvings."

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  • Where were all these people when thanos happened

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  • Zach Cherry must be a nexus being....

  • Epic

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  • i wonder what will happen when the infinity stone and these rings come face to face

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  • Madripoor has moon, star, and lion icon. Different than what appears behind shang chi.

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  • i think the Ten rings refer to the ten Macruman Alien tech rings with ultimate powers

  • EYYY

  • how do you have dry watery eyes BLUEBLOX, huh? How

  • Those rings look a ton like wakandan or vibranium technology

  • i just want to say that the name of the helicopter: W-W888 was so funny to me... WEN WU HUAT HUAT HUAT [his name + prosperity * 3] HAHAHAHAH

  • Does BLUblox and wit a blue background the whole video. Very nice


  • At the cage fight thing i think its either mandripoor or an updated version of the fighting thing where wolverine was fighting at🤔

  • Or you can turn on blue light filter....

  • Blublox product insert here which blocks blue light but you guys were using blue background for all throughout the episode, how ironic

  • I am so excited to see Awkwafina as the unpowered friend who brings the comedy.

  • I don’t think it matters by how you say Shang chi’s name idc how Kevin Fiege says it just say it how you think sounds comfortable to you

  • The real mortal kombat movie of 2021.

  • idk why but this movie is more stereotypical than any other movies

  • I am a Chinese person, AND I can read part of the ten words in the rings for you guys。 The ten special Chinese characters in the ten rings, named "XIAO ZHUAN-小篆” ,This kind of writing has been invented for 3000 years, It was formed even before the first unified imperial dynasty “THE QIN” in China. Yes, that was so damn old~. 0/12 clock character,权,pronounced QUAN (Pinyin pronunciation of mandarin), can be grouped as 权力,权势,means POWER,Here it means the power of the ruler,people in authority. 1 clock character, 力,pronounced LI,not anyone's name, just can be grouped as 力量,力气,能力,means POWER (...too, yeah I know),also means strength,ability,Here I believe it means energy of body,and how to use it. 2/3 clock character, 壮,pronounced ZHUANG, can be grouped as 强壮,健壮,壮丽,means STRONG,also...magnificent,Here I think there's more meaning not just strong someone's body,also make you mentally strong。 4 clock character, 伟,pronounced WEI, can be grouped as 伟大,伟岸,伟人,means GREAT, the great one, the mighty one, those great acts. three of them were blocked by Wenwu... the 7/8 clock character,雅,pronounced YA,can be grouped as 优雅,高雅,雅量;means ELEGANT, This is not only a description of people's behavior, but also a person's tolerance。 10 clock character, 弦,pronounced XUAN or XIAN, can be grouped as 弓弦,琴弦。means STRING,bowstring; the string of a musical instrument,chords。Here I think there's more meaning like "always be nervous,be vigilant”,and there is a chinese idioms called 闻弦歌,知雅意--Listen to string songs, know what you want,I don't have to say too much, and you have to know what I mean。see? 弦&雅,They are all here now 11 clock character, 威,pronounced WEI,can be grouped as 威望,威力,威胁,that means a lot, prestige of some people,force of something,threaten from someone. also it can be meaning POWER (again...I know, i know...) There they are, hope you guys like my decoded。 Stay safe & Be awesome!

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  • But Aharon Carter is the Power Broker in MCU, right?

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  • well i doubt sequel is happening since Disney Provoke China with this movie which is banned showing in China. Eternals also Banned as well

  • I’m hyped for Shang chi, black widow and ms marvel .

  • These rings are very similar to the rings in endgame, but not as abstract? Perhaps the same, but limited by human comprehension? Anyone know their origins?

  • Does anyone else want Bruce Lee to still be alive and play Shang chi?

  • I thought it was Jackie Chan 😔

  • The way he described the tournament made me instantly think of mortal kombat and I cant be the only one

  • Who’s here after Sharon the power broker

  • The second people start overlooking the importance of Madripoor.... they'll drop a bartender named Patch on us.

  • when will it release?

  • That turret at the Ten Rings base is actually a Russian CIWS called Kortik. So you got it right that it’s for AA purposes.

  • This movie is like the lettuce wrap, pretending to be Chinese but marketed for western consumers. I really hope Disney wasn't really planning on it being big in Chinese market. As Chinese I look at this and think it'll be memed on more in China than praised.

  • Oh that pronunciation of SHANG Chi is going to upset me😅

  • i love kung fu hustle . its a movie where nobody is what they seem. so many masters hiding in plain sight. including the main character who was literally even hiding from himself

  • you’re rlly reaching w that madripoor flag graffiti lol. it’s clearly caps shield and it doesn’t even have the lion

  • fin fang foom is green in the comics not red and white

  • What song in background of trailer, link

  • I saw it but dark

  • 0:14 “Ten Bracelets” *Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Bracelets” *reads in confusion* 😂🤣

  • Tony Liu was in Kung Fu Hustle! 😄

  • I still don't see 10 rings. I see 8. If I'm right, then I think The Mandarin is going to use his son to do some sort of trial, or puzzle, that might be too dangerous for him to do, so he can aquire all the rings. If you have the 10 rings, you are God-Like, so to me, it makes no sense for him to have all 10 rings at the start of the movie

  • Just found out what an Easter Egg is :)) Freakin' Jesus Christ you need to have no life to go in such detail OR to be paid your weight in gold :))) I just want to see an enjoyable movie and that's all.

  • Well, the Mandarin isn't the Power Broker. :/

  • I'm very excited for this movie

  • why is your backround blue huh are you crazy!!! ??

  • Love it when chinese names are pronounced correctly❤️💛💚, then Wang......

  • 8:59

  • Powerbroker

  • Death DEALER Power BROKER Broker and Dealer have almost the same definition

  • Also I think they released the trailer because it was close to the release of Mortal Kombat

  • The white light ring benefits from social economical privileges. ...🤣

  • I'm sooooooooo hyped!!!!!

  • Rings= Infinity stones reborn

  • "oooooooo I'm losing my balance too!!!!!" LOLOL

  • 8:12 that looks like Captain America's shield

  • Are this all leads to house of m?

  • Just give us Bruce Lee, we dont need ShangChi

  • "These flying things that look like dragons?" Those are most likely the Fenghuang or Chinese Phoenix (the tell tale sign being the peacock-like tail). The Fenghuang is a purely Chinese mythological creature, unlike the Foo Dog which was simply an artistic depiction of the real life Asiatic lion.

  • “Dry, watery eyes” 😂😂

  • 11:00 each of those words stands for traits of each rings. for example one of the ring says "Strength", the other one says "Wisdom"

  • @newrockstars razor fist's sword glows juz like its shown in "wolverine" movie, where chinese soldier makes an armor to extract logan's immortality.. in that also he have a sword which glows exactly the same

  • Jacksonnnn❤️😝

  • Everyone: Shangchi is the first asian hero! Wong and black widow: *sad asian noises*

  • I thought it was a replica of the shield

  • That's an old font in Chinese and I can only read "Might", "Power" and "Strength".

  • its hilarious how confidently incorrect he is.

  • Thirst trap! 😀😀😀❤️

  • Each ring has to do with power in some way or another. Credit to redditor: Andrewcao1