Rewinding Technique of Truck Starter Motor Armature

Publicado em 29 Jan 2021
Rewinding Technique of Truck Starter Motor Armature
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  • Так гляди и в космос полетят)))

  • Во жизнь....

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  • You gotta see the copies of AK47 made by these pakistani craftsman.

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  • Grande artista


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  • как то странно это все выглядит!? человеки все умеют но технологий ноль!

  • Indonesian hadir.

  • Ye log boht aham hote hain jo Mulk ka zare Mubadla bachate hain warna ye sab baher se import karna parrey.

  • 11:17 what was that?🤣🤣🤣

  • Skill.

  • Excellent work!

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  • Жрать захочешь - и не такие чудеса вытворять будешь. Индия творит чудеса, спасибо бедности, нищете и высокой смертности. Ждем такие же видео из России к 2036 году.

  • у меня слов нету я просто из россии так тут когда такие катушки находят и в костер бросают то только для того что бы медь на метал сдать а в этом видео показали как заработать больше и сделать больше пользы

  • Genio, artesanal, mecanica.

  • Yès sgoud

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  • Good job.boss👌👍

  • Respect

  • Technique

  • Grande abilità artigiana, bravo. Da noi è impensabile che un elettrauto faccia un lavoro del genere.

  • Très bonne vidéo, par contre le pub c'est à chier. Je vous mets sur ma liste noire, dommage BRleast avant c'était mieux.

  • Except for one problem, introducing that much heat just tempered the metal and made it brittle

  • Сам из хлама собираю вещи, но ваше мастерство просто поражает. Желаю всем мастеровым удачи и процветания. С уважением Мастер Сваргань-ка.

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  • Айзек Азимов. Основание. Это, когда они забыли теорию но ещё помнили практику. Да и с нами скоро будет так же. Отжиг на таком(не контролируемом) жаре приведёт к деградации железа. И что он мерил электромагнитом?

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  • Next time you feel like complaining about your working conditions....

  • Can someone tell me why he wrapped it with string on both ends?

  • очень интересно но нахуя

  • Good job

  • В то время , когда космические корабли бороздят просторы большого театра, этот человек вынужден заниматься вот этим... Трудолюбие достойное уважения и глубокая печаль за цивилизацию.

  • скоро так будет в россии

  • amazing talent from Pakistan

  • Same work done in South Asian countries, $10 or so. Same work done in Taiwan, most ppl here would call you stupid, but it can probably be done at around $60. Same work done in Japan, perhaps $200, but you'll get a souped-up super generator that can run for another 20 years! Same work done in America? naw, there ain't even ppl who knows how to do that!

  • essa e a prova de quem quer faz muito show

  • Да базара нет сделал руки из плеч растут! Но вы знаете, что у них травматизм зашкаливает, руки, ноги, головы отлетают!!!

  • Masha allah rezqqe halal Apke himmat ko hazaro salam

  • Don't get brainwashed millenials, they don't live in poverty because of you, they are poor because socialists goverments run their countries, they ban economical freedom and things like this are necesary 'cuz they won't let anyone develop an actual industry.

  • A Perkins Lucas starter armature.

  • It's really great.

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  • Americans are so much better at this smh...

  • Incredible. 7:18 had me in tears.

    • @omg5501 Oh ok. I thought you were moved to tears for some reason. :)

    • @buyerofsorts waaaaay too funny! dude with a bud in the corner of his mouth smugly sawing away at a piece of machinery made in a factory vastly technologically superior to his humble garage operation just has a way of making me laugh

    • Really? Why, what happened?

  • If anyone knows anything about how to re-ride the RAM of the motherboard inside the router, how to convert a 300 Mbps router to a high speed router with the help of 16/32 GB micro SD memory card. Give it a chance

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  • My grandpa always used to say, the only thing you can do with gloves on is piss your pants. This guys hands are living proof of that statement.

  • Supper cool

  • Daddy at work

  • MaashAllah, Perfect work! Greeting from Istanbul, Turkey!


  • Ye, a very hard work, tho not that sophisticated. Looks kinda cool. But. 1. He didn't run it - would it ever work? (Probably yes, if he's living from this work) But for how long? 2. Buying a new part you support manufacturers, not those people who hold the progress. (Not to mention guarantee, more stable and reliable parts, etc.) 3. What about balance? 4. etc...

  • Future archeologist will find this man's grave, and his fingers will be completely intact with finger prints due to the chemical exposure. Take notes kids, this is your future is the grand old US of A.

  • Does heat determine how tidy your workshop is? If you travel from eat your dinner off the workbench Scandinavia south towards equator they get progressively messier.

  • Really hard work super thank you

  • Nice, kind of all steps showed up... how did he took the contacting plate off?

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  • Proper :) lovely to see such fluency, anyone who thumbs down on this one should go play with the traffic.

  • Flor de laburo se mandó el chabón, y salvo el torno, todo artesanal. 👌👏👏👏

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    • Тебе то что? 100% уверен, что тебе пофиг на него и что с ним дальше будет.

  • Other countries: Done it for years Western countries: Join me in Right to Repair movement!

    • This needs to be up 🔥 Rossmann needs to see this

  • This man really master.

  • Is it squirrel cage rotor?


  • wow, this is real hard work man, love to see his work

  • Marvelous talented people, can't see Amazon doing much business there, we could all learn something from these people, hard work equals a contented mind

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  • You do stuff like these when handwork costs nothing

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