My Only Game vs. Magnus Carlsen

Publicado em 17 Nov 2020
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I played Magnus Carlsen once in bullet chess. This is how it went.
The game:
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  • Losers like u teaching chess....funny...get a life bitch

    • @ZehnHero What's the joke?

    • @partha sarkar Wanna talk about this mistake?

    • Put you laptop in a bin and get a fu(king life

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    • This man wanted all the smoke

  • tht reason tho,,,,,a lost is a lost....if we asked carlsen why he made such blunders, he might also say that he was going easy until he realized he was losing

  • It would be great if you also included whole game to rewatch. I clearly understand your presentation and it's very educative, but in those "14 million different futures" it's really hard catch the game itself.

  • I don't think this guy is as good as hikaru but he's close, just love that he has a better attitude

  • So why are you so trash at chess?

  • Really well played.

  • I think even Magnus doesn't know that he kept his name as Dr drunkenstein 🤣🤣

  • I know it's a blitz game but how am I a 1200 and the 2 moves he said was mistakes I instantly saw the best move when the position was shown

  • Decent

  • Levy please link that nasa pull over. I WANT ONE

  • Levy please link that nasa pull over. I WANT ONE

  • You were very close to winning. Fascinating match!

  • this video is just a big what if

  • That was fun. Thanks for sharing

  • why so many hate comments for gotham? tf

  • I love how the thumbnail is a really professionally and intense photo of Magnus and then just a plain picture of Levi with a blank face

  • You should be proud. Amazing game, Levy.

  • i found pawn c6 wow my elo 1000

  • Why didn't you move your rook to e1? 7:10

  • The fact that carlsen was forced to make you run out of time instead of mating you!!!! You are so good at chess

  • Lmfaooo imagine losing to the world chess champion? You suck *says that as I get brutally defeated by a 250 bot*

  • at 7:19 he would have just moved a pawn out

  • I'm at a far, far lower level, but the lesson of this game is: don't give up. As I've gotten better at bullet (1500+ on Lichess), I find that I win a lot of lost games on time. I have a tendency to quit when I see a mate or one of my major pieces hanging, but in bullet so often, the opponent doesn't see it. If you play within the rules, a win is a win and if you don't, it means nothing.

  • its ok my dude

  • He never answered the question why he is so trash at chess.

  • to pin a comment like that, ya, i like you even a bit more today gotham. well played.

  • Wow man, can't believe you almost beat Magnus. To be fair it was a bullet game but still...

  • Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda :-) It remains a complex game because of all the possibilities. People are good at focussing, not so much at overseeing all possibilities. There weren't too many good alternatives in your game. And yet you still missed them because of the time pressure and your nerves for playing Magnus. If a master like yourself is messing up a winning game like this what hope is there for the rest of the chess mortals?

  • Are you indian "Gotham"chess

  • Gotham is stockfish in disguise, like batman who doesnt want anyone tp know that he can beat anyone. 9:34 says he doesnt knkw what to do but clearly he's grinning and lying

  • Lava lamp champ

  • 3:45 it should rather be called, biting on marble (bc its light squares)

  • Fun fact: People read the whole comment if you say fun fact

  • Indonesia yes translate.

  • Why Magnus cannot defeat a computer.

  • The amount of chances he had to beat the greatest chess player alive is so tragic

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  • Being new to chess and your channel I must say that comments on a chess analysis video is the last place I think I'd find so much comedy gold. Oh, and great videos. That's it. Yepp.

  • Don't you know 'nasa' is the hebrew word for deception? The earth is flat as stated in the bible. :)

    • yes because NASA is the ONLY space agency in the world and other countries TOTALLY don't have their own space agencies. Also, wouldn't NASA try to deceive people by having a different name, since their name itself means 'deception'? What are your sources to prove your claim?

  • "This is completely winning, But I didn't see it" -Crew64

  • And I'm panicking while I watch this video...I believe nervousness is my weakness..

  • gothem play whit garry casparof and play whit me i am a grand master

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  • You are a genius GothamChess

  • The only time, ever. Now MC has retired.

  • loved the thumbnail

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  • 11:00 lmao

  • There lot of things you didt see :v

  • i saw 11.1 thrice and still going again in the loop

  • Never knew chess could make you laugh like hell😂😂. gg

  • First I wanna says Thanks for u Mr. levy Rozman Cuz Unblocked , We are from Indonesian enjoy you'r content .

  • I am so happy that I immediately saw the solution at 7:03. Definitely would have blundered all of my pieces before that point, but at least I have that tactic.

  • We need indonesian translator

  • Ah lagian menang lawan ini orang apa bangganya anying.. Menang Susanto Megaranto pasti bangga. GM gelarnya

  • Sad autobiography 🙂

  • "At this moment he new .."

  • Gotham: Completely winning for me Magnus: You're the greatest 🙏

  • "If your opponent play beautiful then it's ok to lose, I am not , You will be Miraculous"~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ magnus carlsen.

  • That first question is literally a mood

  • fuck man almost had him! pretty impressed that u didnt just have fighting chances, u actually stuck it to him the whole game

  • Alhamdulillah you opened your channel for indonesia. Now you got new subscriber.

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  • Your level is still below him.

    • Ya iyalah, Bambank😌

  • Very interesting! 👍

  • LMAO I started watching your vids quite some time and I didn't noticed I didn't sub xD

  • So basically you drawed against Magnus well done

  • Magnus Carlsen ever had a draw match against Kasparov.

  • The chess was nice but the hoodie was nicer

  • Guys im 11 and iv never lost a game with a GM in my life!!!

  • Can you recommend a gaming chair?

  • 😁😁

  • Bruh, you were probably facing the greatest chess player of all time.

  • once read something about "if you trade queens with magnus youre doomed" yoo im 800 im doomed against every decent player

  • Magnus really does look human doesn't he? ...i don't know tho

  • Request : You vs Fabiano Caruana

  • It was a good game man. How long before you are A GM?

  • Nice game & anlaysis bro! Greet from Indonesia!

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • Why does you sound like TheWarOwl, but on Chess?

  • Magnus already thunk what was being thoughted

  • Im from indonesia and im suscribing your channel. Cheers

  • Lucky you to get to play MC. Wish you would of found the winning move, but as they say "pressure is pressure". Thanks for sharing video.

  • Ese Carlsen te bailó Sabroso

  • Time to send the most unpopular comment in the GothamChess BRleast channel: Gotham, you are great at chess.

  • I was just going to say a fighting king is a winning king. Never forget the king fight as well as long as he is safe. Couldn't say it better myself.

  • Imagine, so dumb losing to magnus be like me never losing to magnus Since i havent gotten to play with him

  • All that matters is the result not what could've should've happened, I played hikaru nakamura on the playchess network he went by the name Star Wars it also was a bullet and i outplayed him till the very end but then i blundered so i know your pain. It hurts but it is what it is

  • I wonder how many places Magnus would say he should've played differently and could've won?

  • I like how his name is doctor drunkenstein

  • CONCLUSION: He held a winning position most of the game against Magnus and still loses.

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  • So you're from 64th and not from 63rd

  • 8.01 what the hell happened to you 😂

  • It's not mate in one at 8 minutes when you talk about it. Magnus plays bishop c4. He guards that square. Come on man !!

  • Man i so wanted you to win. Still, wow. You are pretty amazing

  • great vid! well played

  • How did you register to play . You must have a 2000 plus rating.