Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Publicado em 19 Abr 2021
Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.

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  • China made world poorer and you are hiering chinese too movie thats so cheap of you marvel

  • "who are you??" "im virus" 😑

  • I hope this isn't man made

  • aku kesini gara gara tumbail CC

  • This looks so epic

  • no one: are you going to stop watching this trailer? me: 1:08

  • That right

  • Tony Leung??! In Marvel ?!? Woo boy this is gonna be good

  • Why is it looking like Iron fist from Ultimate Spider-Man 😇

  • I am waiting

  • Who think this film in hongkong

  • The trailer has a lot of scenes from the past of Wenwu, and those rings being turned into bracelets, which would look like rings on the dragons hand, so.......I guess it won't be surprising if the fight between the dragon and Wenwu is the opening scene........I mean like it would be legit.

  • I get that they needed martial artist for this level of choreography, but they really couldnt find an asian with little more interesting/charismatic face?

    • @Lirain Weerasekera everyone is, thats one of the reasons this will flop, guy looks too generic

    • yikes....... youre a judgy one arent ya

  • That father bears a Striking resemblance to an impersonator from Iron Man 3 🤔.

  • Definitely got the Action marked down👌

  • I am so excited for this movie…

  • I’m gonna be honest: from the beginning of the trailer, it looked like this movie would be more serious than normal Marvel movie. It’s not that I don’t like the jokes in the movies, but I’d just like to see one where they don’t pause between action shots to make jokes. It’d just be more realistic…

  • The music sounds awesome.


  • 1:59 Why does that woman low-key look like Michaela Dietz?

    • Why does Nora "Awkwafina" Lum low-key look like Michaela Dietz? Awkwafina as "Katy" in MARVEL Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

  • is Appa gonna see this?

  • ZISSOU!!!

  • oh finally... the good iron fist.

  • is my computer laggy af or is the filming really slow for everyone

  • Ngl I might just watch this for awkafina😂

  • Who is he He Is Shang-Chi The MASTER OF The Deadly Hands Of kung - Fu

  • bruuuuuuu this is gonna to be lit

  • I mean Marvel was adding Shang-Chi that was fine but adding Eternals is kinda gross

  • Appa is now finally proud that Jung is a big super hero :)

  • Why not dub in Tamil

  • hollywood picked random actor as main?

  • 1:11 me and my brother, second after my mom left the house.

  • I see this in iron man new armored adventure cartoon the ten rings was very powerful please dub this in tamil also

  • What? Peik Lin?

  • ikr

  • they needed to show off more mandarin cause this is his redemption after iron man 3 version still leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  • another title shang chi the puppet of ccp

  • Yo what about the Chrysler

  • Oh man still black widow can defeat you

  • I have one doubt.. Gamora came back using time machine... Then y iron man can't come?

  • All Tamil marvel fans like hear

  • We want this movie in tamil dub

  • And the ost is by Jackson wang right?? Iam loving it😍😍i wish if he was in movie too it would have been awesome and one more reason for me to watch this movie😘😘iam jacky

  • I want to see jackie chan in marvel.

  • I want to see how he gets connected to the Scarlet Witch because everyone knows that Wanda's powers affect everyone!

  • lady: who are you? shang-chi: **power pose** shang-chi: i HaVe the power of gOd and AnImE on mAi side ASDFGHJFD;SALDAJDKLF;SK

  • It’s the guy from Kim Convenience! Also couldn’t they cast a Chinese guy ??! So close marvel you’re almost there

    • @Alberto Rojas what ? I thought he was Korean with that whole Kims Convenience show. My bad

    • "Also couldn't they cast a Chinese guy ??!" --Jacob A Simu Liu as Shang-Chi. SL is Chinese Canadian, and was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

  • Appa taught him hapkido

  • Fico imaginando se fosse feito com donnie Yen como protagonista...

  • Am I the only one who's getting some kind of Stan Lee Cameo vibe in the subway scene. Just a theory, i wish to be true, because in my opinion the scene from Stan Lee's cameo in Captain Marvel has the same vibe (light, angle & color scheme) and I bet Marvel still got some unseen Stan Lee cameo material, which would perfectly fit in in that scene. MARVEL, please let me be right with that theory!

  • I only see Jung from Kim's Covienience here

  • the best trailer ever didn't spoil like the others can't wait Jung!!!!!!!

  • They were supposed to cast bruce lee 😭

  • Which specific music genre is used in background music ?

  • After coming back to this trailer. I assume that the girl at the end of the trailer asks "Who are you?" not at Shang-Chi, but at Razor Fist.

  • hype is real

  • idk man trailer's pretty cool but it doesnt feel like marvel to me

  • Awaiting for Teaser & Trailer in Tamil Language

  • Action looks boring.

  • plot twist....shang chi is actually the grand son of shang sung.

  • Very good action….


  • its like Disney knew the lock downs were coming and planned to release all their lamer movies during this period...nah, just coincidence im sure.

  • Lagend notice that Shang chi wear one jacket in half teaser 😂😂😂😂

  • "we make a good Team " i like her.

  • Anyone else think the song sounds a lot like NF?

  • 🙌🙌🙌

  • Shame this movie is kind of being forgotten cause of poor marketing cause this movie does look like a fun and good time

    • I mean it’s kinda coming out in like 3 months and marvel has Loki black widow and what if before it and this trailer got 20 million views

  • Isn't this the guy from "Kim's Convenience"?

  • As a fan of MCU and Wong Kar Wai films, let's give Tony Leung Chiu Wai an appreciation the man is one of best actors in Hong Kong for years now

  • 800k likes finally Our fav number as Asians

  • What's up with all these new guys coming outta nowhere?!!

  • Looking awesome! Especially when Shang Chi and the tiger strike.

  • Why do superheroes have to make a bus scene??

  • I really want to see what exactly caused that bus to go like that and wreck all those expensive cars

  • Hell yeah!!!!

  • Tidak sabar menunggu

  • This movie better have Kimchee in it.

  • the music kinda sounds like the search by nf

  • I was waiting for long time

  • Iron Man 3: The Mandarin and the Ten Rings were a front for Killian and AIM... Trevor Starkley Short: ... Who were unwitting pawns of the true Ten Rings lead by Wenwu

  • 1:32 obviously his name is ric flair

  • Nothing beats the Avengers films!

  • Yeh rings bhi nhi choodi hai 😂

  • the music should have been kung fu fighting

  • He was punching the branches since 10 years but he could not Breaked it

  • Whatsbthe title of soundtrack

  • For maximum immersion, watch this with your Asian parents after you told them that you switch from your Medical degree to a Liberal Arts degree.

  • The BMW in red, LOOKS COOL

  • Whoever sound edited this deserves an award

  • Marvels loves answering questions with poses

  • This is gonna be insane 🔥🔥🔥

  • I like it. Can wait for the movie

  • Think about the inflation rate it's practically reverse. X by the power X is an extreme. Sexualised hustling makes everyone love you. Colors make mean background you can't contrast. You just flip an image and move on

  • is it just me or the actor looks like xi jinping 0:58

  • Background theme is Dope,😎😎😎

  • finalkly asian representing movie this blackwashing and white washing movies

  • Who are you ? I’m garbage boy 😂

  • West Taiwan money grappler