"Maps of Home" feat. John John Florence

Publicado em 30 Abr 2021
Maps of Home is a short film shot on location on the North Shore of Oahu, between January and March 2021. Surfers featured in order of appearance @John John Florence @Koa Rothman @Nathan Florence Jack Robinson, Ivan Florence @Eli Olson and @Jamie O'Brien .

Edited by Darieus Legg \u0026 Erik Knutson
Produced by Spencer Klein
Cinematography by Erik Knutson
Creative Direction \u0026 Artwork by Darieus Legg
Water Cinematography by Larry Haynes, Erik Ippel, Tomo McPherson, Erik Knutson
Additional Cinematography by Shane Grace, Raleigh Norton, Slader Bark, Jack Germain
Assistant Editors: Jared Butler, Nico Toll, Raleigh Norton

Featured Art:

Featured Music :

Tiny Music: Cold String

The Devil Makes Three: St. James

The Beefs: Red Bellied Black Snake

Mr. Gnome: House of Circles


  • Beautiful video 🌿

  • I like the music

  • Thanks John

  • How does this only have 650K views? I've watched this 5 times already

  • 7:57 - Pure Inspiration ! Droping the white hair of the wave ! 14:00 - The sky is the limit ! 15:15 - Did you mean Perfect Pipe ? Sure ! 17:10 - Print screen and SCREAM !

  • Among the many great clips in this movie, 1:50 to 02:18 is simply bananas. If I could experience a ride like that, I'd look to the heaven's as say "Lord, you can take me know. My life is now complete"

  • Great filming!

  • Yea John, great stuff. Makes miss home, cant wait to be out there this winter

  • Cool

  • Fuck, JUST FUUUUUCK!!!

  • where are you from i like your video from colombia

  • Several waves of the winter.

  • I wanna see John win the big wave world title too

  • Much respect.

  • Nice

  • Awesome!!

  • really asks the question, how do more of these guys not die riding these behemoths!?

  • Pure joy !!!

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  • Dear John, you definetly need more sleep..., Your eye-rings are shoking !!!

  • Anyone knows the name of the first music? It is epic and can't find it..if you know please share! Awesome!

  • Epic edit! Old school, classic first part!

  • what is the first music please ?????!!!!!!!

  • magic surf JJ

  • Cool

  • Them so spicy meatball barrels

  • John John constantly Blazing. Always working To make the last session in order to make The next even better. Being a Skateboarder and a Surfer I think for Me a 6.0 works fine in Big Conditions. For me. J. J. One Of my all time Favorite's . True Blazer. Big time. 🤙

  • Man!, the dude dance on the waves like no other.....

  • Beautiful work. Nothing but positive heavy duty action. There are images that defy description to anyone who has ever been a surfer. ;-)

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  • Spoilt rotten little tomatoes 🍅

  • Great edition,great soundtrack!!! by the way,thanks to share cheers from Rio, Brasil

  • Brasil= soccer's land Hawaii= surf's land !!!!!! it's amazing hotdog surf session!!!! showing the pure spirit,feeling of the hawaiian's vibe!!just locals, MAXIMMUM RESPECT!!!!JAHLOHA FROM RIO DE JANEIRO,BRASIL!!!!

  • it keeps getting better. awesome surfing, great music.

  • Eleventeen Feet

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  • I've been landlocked for a little over 2 years now. The footage always makes me Jones, but when he said 22-17 it made miss home real bad. At least I can still enjoy this amazing footy. Mahaloz

  • sweet movement

  • Outstanding! Great storyline, soundtrack and of course sharing the joy of your lives in the water

  • Koa is just randomly vibing in half of the clips

  • 17.35 🙌 🙌 😲

  • Insane!

  • John John u another level man! That clip at 17:11 is beyond rock star whoever shot that too! One of the prettiest pipe clips I have ever seen props to shooter! Who was it?!?

  • Wow your kicking ass on those waves boring shit mag waves suck you steal kicking ass on waves olympics you are spot onusa

  • Being stupid tomato juice 5habanaros 3seronos vodka toppers ouch t its control.burns so good little by little

  • Insane

  • wowwww!!!!

  • Brill

  • One of the most exciting surf film I ever seen before. Great work guys!

  • Great Job. Love the choice of music.

  • No idea how a human being can be as good as JJF.

  • That was fun to watch!!!!

  • brleast.info/rock/video/hqLHnriFqXOthZs

  • so good with no gopro

  • cow

  • Superb footage and editing, the synergy between the strings and the waves and the surfers is sublime

  • bravo!

  • Parallel sea and JJF are raising the bar with this mini movies

  • Wow🙌

  • Sick when your own brother comments on the video he was in with you!!!!!!

  • The soundtrack in the first part of the video was very GOT-ish. It was a thrill to hear such music whilst watching you kids tackle just epic surf. Well done, son.

  • Thanks for putting this out. Great music, unbelieveable next level inspirational surfing!

  • Best shit I've watched in a while.

  • 15:02 that thing spat so hard it turned his boardshorts into a speedo

  • EXCELLENT EDIT. and Music. ALL THE MUSIC was REAL good .. fine job, and the surfing was pretty good too,, hahaha

  • that protracted tube ride commencing at 15:12 (nathan i think), along w/the subsequent amazing jj tube, this fabulous and concise north shore wave-logue!

  • Monsters !!!

  • Wunderschön

  • This, and episode 2 of 12 are the best edits on the web!

  • What a life to share with your brothers

  • EPIC !!!

  • John john man, give us a playlist man. Between this video and view from a blue moon the music has been too good haha

  • Thanks for bringing back POWER SURFING to the sport John John, Seriously ripping.

  • Hi Jon great flick mate iv watched all of the heats at Marg's man Goodluck jon your surfing is on fire and some of those carves would have decapitated a whale anyways brah IV got my house bet on you winning (be nice if I owned it)ha ha seriously mate good luck I hope you kick ass you deserve man .........from Andy in West Oz🤙🤙🤙

  • Thank you John John for making me enjoy surf so much!

  • so fucking good

  • Kaleeegaleeeg this is sick bro!

  • Nice

  • brleast.info/rock/video/bWPPhqdpsIuNaKs

  • WOWZERS. One of the best Surfing videos out there, hands fuckin down. Everything about this I mean.. come on!! Music selection was on point. The editing, the art, the talent.. like my mind cannot handle this short film. BRAVO!!

  • Thanks João

  • Content on this channel is actually unmatched

  • in my humble opinión.. that wave is wave of the winter.. "Jj " and Kelly waching.. by far

  • nathen and john are so good at barrel riding

  • so sick you are a sender

  • @2:00 my god

  • Psyched! ''Totally A Film Worthy Production!'' U Guys Were So Totally Killing It Out There! Swells Totally Sick & Gnarly Rippin This Winter! Much Love & Respect! Thx 4The Stoke Brother! 🙏 4 Swells 2Pick ↑ & B Consistent 4Ur Comp! - 👌😜🤙 -

  • Cool sound track cuz!

  • Has anyone won Wave of the Year, Pipe Masters, Vans Triple Crown and become World Champion in the same year?

  • so siiiiick!!

  • Ouch Yes

  • Beautiful

  • Cool vid John!

  • Sorry you didn't win Wave of the Winter. Just know you must have had multiple submissions in the top 10. Outer Reef and Backdoor rides were unreal.

  • What a life. Oh to be young again. Does anyone know who sings the "Red belly black snake" song on here?

  • Jaha b mordai SUBHANALLAH

  • Aag pani our Hawa yai bohut zarori ha is game ko change k layi 💢🛫💢🦅🍎8

  • thanks ehh !! kahuna

  • This is mind-blowing from the music to the footage!

  • Magistral !