Loki Trailer Music | EPIC VERSION

Publicado em 11 Dez 2020
This is not the official Trailer Music. It is a fan made arrangement.
I re-created this in 2 hours so the quality is not that great but I hope you like it.

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All copyright belongs to their respective owners.
Artwork by Valentin Romero: www.artstation.com/artwork/48...

Trailer Music by: N/A (If you are the trailer music composer/company, please email me!!!)
Arranged \u0026 Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

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  • Check out my Loki Epic Original Theme! brleast.info/rock/video/haWYmKZ51pyJd4U

    • Who wrote the original score?

    • As I said before its GREAT Samuel! As ALLWAYS! Can you upload it in Spotift? I have been waiting for months, but never appeared. I already added Chaos to my loki playlist but it isn't complete without this piece. Thanks!

    • Hi!!!!!!! I'm a big fan

    • It’s amazing btw

  • best version ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  • This is the greatest soundtrack i've ever heard

  • Please tell me this is on Spotify ????

  • Fiquei com vontade de assistir a série só pela música

  • This is beutiful

  • Mortel!

  • 0:38 - 1:20 I GOT CHILLS MAN GOODNESS 😂😂

  • You ever notice how the first few notes are known just like the first notes in Ghostbusters


  • Who is back here after watching the first episode of LOKI?!

  • Glorious Purpose

  • Fingers crossed they use this trailer theme for the show itself !🤞🤞

  • The music is good in episode 1 too. I hope they use this theme too somewhere down the line.

  • This is giving me the “I’m ten steps ahead of you” vibes

  • Glorious

    • *glorious* I'm sorry I just had to

  • This reminds me of the 2005 King Kong

  • Love the series

  • I love this😁😁

  • I got an ad for a watch right before this that said „If you can measure it, you can control it“ (referring to time) and that’s honestly perfect comedic timing 🤣

  • Today!!!!!

  • Imagine being a villain dying and coming back to life so many times to finally become a protagonist.

  • God loves you and just wants love back

  • this music makes me evocate some old demon , to eat the entire humanity

  • All hail GOD OF MISCHIEF!

  • I expected the "DADADADADADADADADADADA" when the title changes in the trailer to happen but nope..

  • PLEASE PLEASE can this be uploaded to Spotify so I can have it on my playlists? This is TOO AWESOME to be limited to just YouYube’s platform...! I have your original piece but I want to be able to play them as a pair...!!

  • Oh yes!

  • "I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

  • Only some hours left boy 🔥

  • Just one more day let's gooooo💚💚💚💚

  • Tom is going to enjoy the fuck out of this one

  • Epic music at 1:10😄😄

  • Does anyone knows the Title?

  • Isn't the beginning like the one from tdkr ? The Catwoman theme. . Wats it called again ? "Mind if I cut in" ?

  • god tier

  • . Loki is a really good guy and a savior now soo we all shall really kneel to em

  • J'adore cette musique 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

  • Can’t wait for the series I mean cmon the trailer... the music... THE ACTORS!! The time has officially come ... its now LOKI’S TIME!💚 From seeing him in Thor when I was 6 to now seeing him in HIS OWN SERIES and I’m now 16 really just shows time is crazy! Literally this is gonna be a badass summer💚😌👏🏼

  • The music in the trailer literally gave me goosebumps and now just hearing the audio just got me screaming inside I love it!!💚💚💚 Cant wait for the series!

  • I can listen to this for hours🥺😭🔥😍

  • THIS is AWESOME A little appreciation for the previous soundtracks here: I really like his themes in Thor: The Dark World I find them very fitting and also emphasizing his personality. While Thor's theme is loud, boasting and a lot of brass, Loki is subtle, a harp, almost overheard (Shadows of Loki) or a retelling of Frigga's love, without the redemptive climax (Lokasenna).

  • This is the only best soundtrack ever in marvel... And the early music sounds just like catwoman soundtrack bt hans Zimmer

  • 💚💚💚

  • Here for the nth time

  • Your are awesome! i would like to use your music as bgm for my LEGO Loki montage, i will make sure to credit your BRleast channel in my description! love your work! thank you!

  • I can't breath

  • When a super villain from a superhero franchise has a more scarier tune than the whole of conjuring universe thats when you know they nailed it

  • This can be a cool remix 🐍🧊

  • So so excited for this TV show, and the soundtrack will just elevate it to a whole new level! So creepy and chaotic, just like Loki!

  • Loki is my favorite villain and now you made him sound more cooler bro Nicely done !

  • **mischieviously twerks**

  • This music fits Loki perfectly

  • 0:43 you can faintly hear "loki comes"

  • what's going on with his left eye tho

  • “Your birthright, was to die! On a frozen rock!”

  • I love Loki, but his theme music is actually chilling

  • dopest ever

  • I clicked on the video for loki theme song and got the whistling old spice add 😂😂

  • “Sign here to confirm this is everything you’ve ever said” Loki: “This is absurd” *prints off piece of paper* “Sign this too”

  • Great work brother❤️❤️

  • ive had this on for a month now Do i need help?

  • Loki my beloved 💚🖤💛🤎

  • Maybe a strange question, or I am just plain blind… but does anyone know the title or artiste ?? I want it in my playlist but can’t find it on my itunes 😩😩😩


  • 0:38 idharse aur jyada maja aata hai jaise loki entry le raha ho

  • Marvel all themes are fantastic My special avengers theme team up theme

  • 2:25 title music if you like that

  • is no one gonna bring to attention that one of his eyes are orange

  • Glorious 🔥

  • Who else ended up here from a meme about lesbian cousins?

  • Your content is amazing . Whenever i feel some kind of theme is crazy i think only u

  • Wait so this is not the official theme? My God, this guy is great

  • Big inception vibes


  • Loki and Sephiroth have similar theme. I dig this one tho 🔥

  • Is it just me or this sounds a lot like Constantines theme

  • 0:22 is the best. I want it as a ringtone so bad 🥺

  • Why would you choose such a horrible photoshop for the video?


  • Love this! The show is all about sorting out time and the little piano twinkles sound a lot like Back to the futures theme! Very cool

  • "Wednesdays are the new Fridays." - Loki 2021

  • this sounds so evil..😼

  • Wednesdays are the new Fridays!! Awesome.

  • Sinister

  • Almost just 1 month left! I'm so hyped!!!

  • This is brutal! Congrats. One of the best soundtracks of all time in my opinion.

  • Is this on Spotify?

  • This trailer music represents Loki so well. The feeling of mystery and total chaos that his behaviour represents. You have no idea what he will do next, when he dies again and comes back or who he will stabs in the back for 50th time :D

  • Me after hearing this song: "You know, I'm something of a magician myself."

  • Fall out theme

  • Where else have I heard the beginning from?

  • He looks like King Loki in the thumbnail. Man that guy was terrifying, especially that panel of him as a giant eating someone raw. So this theme fits perfectly

  • Sounds like impending doom with a little "Loki" sprinkled in!

  • It sounds absolutely deviously mischievous....in true Loki fashion

  • this makes me feel badass >:3

  • Ohh when is it gonna come cant wait. The only villain i ever loved.

  • This reminds me to the catwoman's soundtrack on The Dark Knight Rises

  • I like in the picture on the top left of his face you can see his jotun lineage one eye is red while the other green n part of his face is blue so cool n great attention to detail!😍

  • this so fits Loki