Jae [DAY6] reacts to ENCORE by GOT7

Publicado em 21 Fev 2021
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My Outro was a template I saw on BRleast but I can't seem to find the video
Song name: Moon Moon Baby Hoax
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  • I loved the honesty, I loved the analysis, I loved the music lesson and I loved the shadeeeew

  • Booo

  • I will wait for that day to arrive when Day6 will put a got7 on JYP. I will wait. I might die waiting but I will wait.

  • We love fearless Jae

  • Can't wait for day6 to go out from this shit company, they can go far, especially after winning in immortal song but the company treat them like a shit

  • The song is lovely, and the best part is that it has nothing to do with JYP, they can really show there talent now, instead of being held back, by JYP, and JB can really produce his songwriting skills.

  • Wow. I am so impressed with how jae explained dry vs wet songs. And i agree that jae sings differently when he’s with day6 rather than when he sings solo. Day6 songs are mostly dry. They last longer. I’ve become a myday just recently but i first liked their old songs.

  • Its all fun n games till JYP doesn’t give day6 a comeback 😭😭

    • I feel bad for laughing but trueeee


  • The shade jay's throwing is immaculate

  • jyp trying to make got7 not sound old when their older songs sound pretty dated already lmao especially if you do and girls girls girls like jyp making them dry didn't help at all when how the songs were made sounds old already yikess im glad they got out of there

  • “Why’s it so wet and nice” JAE Jae Jae cmon now you knew what you were doing when you said that haha😂😂

  • U can keep saying wet...but what does it mean haha

  • right around 1:20 lmao i lost it when jae said that stuff about jyp

  • jae is so cute i cant

  • Aaaa

  • His laugh is so mf shady lmaooo I can’t

  • 1:08😂😂😂

  • wow that was really interesting, thanks for the explanation :)

  • No wonder it isn't dry... They aren't under jy. p anymore. Yeah, you're right. Music is about Expression and now they express themselfes

  • I for one really liked the music mixing explanation he gave us

  • Dang the shade Jae... You brutally honest and that's awesome! Also I think the Day6 peeps can relate much to Encore lyrics... They've been growing together with GOT7.

  • do i laugh or cry about jae's words or got7

  • The shade to JYP thoe 👏👏👏

  • jae lowkey shading jyp 💅

  • hi where did he had this reaction vid? is it on twitch?

  • Yo Jae's out here being a savage beast it is amazing!!!!!!!!

  • bro the shade is real lmao jae we love you skskksksks

  • Did the company finally stopped editing for them? :its a banger ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°lmaaaaaoo

  • In my opinion I love songs that are able to be placed within a certain time, when I listen to them sometime in the future they take me back and allow me to relive some memories and emotions whether good or bad. Just something that came to mind when Jae mentioned how wet mixing can really date a song, that hit

  • Jae lowkey dissing jy when he's like "why this so good- oh yh they not a t jy anymore" and the "why does this sound not dry, it sounds so wet and nice and trendy" lol, exactly what we was thinking

  • when Jae said Jackson has a wet voice I was so confused? I'm not too familiar on music terms 😂 I studied music back in school but I was never taught this? He said something about heavy reverb or reverb what is it?

  • Where can I watch the original video?

  • If they tried to release this while in jyp it would get rejected.. I'm so happy they left☺☺

  • Jae is so dumb😂😂😂 He’s one of the best idols. My mind will not be changed


  • This boi...

  • BRleast channel Jae?

  • The fact that he is in the same company n he doesn't care! lol

  • jae please make a reaction video see MV day6 shoot me

  • Does dry and wet have anything to do with autotune ? And forming the vocals to be pitched better ?

  • From what live is this? Is it from V?

  • i love jae for doing this + i felt inlove the moment i listened to it just is,, i am manifesting for jae and mark collab next

  • Jae is speaking facts

  • Jae is currently walking on the thinnest ice ever, has he forgotten he's still a part of jyp?🤣

  • Jae and Mark need to drop sounds together! That would be awesome!

  • Me not understanding what he means by "wet" and "dry": 😃

    • Dry is simply without effects while wet has effects. Reverb is commonly used as a placement to control the front and back of a mix. So the less of that there is, the dryer the track. It's nothing bad just a different way to mix the tracks.

  • "Oh, right they're not under JY(PE) anymore" ...... ......... ..... "..no wonder it's good" *Chokes on water*

  • "Theyre not in JY anymore... no wonder it's good!" LMAOOO

  • I love that I always feel like I'm learning things from Jae.

  • Jae is the most honest idol out there

  • i keep forgetting that jae is still in jyp 💀

  • Ele deu a aula dele, né

  • The best comment ived ever heard ever since they left JYPE 😂😂😂

  • I have always trust jae and whatever he says I feel that's true. And i really want you to achieve more success ahead.. love you from india...

  • JYPissy boy must be losing it rn

  • Come on Jae, hit the like and subscribe button. Don't be shy. LoL

  • Idc whatever goes wrong in my life, I'm blaming it on jyp cause why not?

    • @Jiung's witch cackle it's JYP's fault that we're stuck in this pandemic 🙂

    • Yess. I blame JYP for getting a D- on my math test

  • Once a jyp family will always be a jyp family, he even support them even when they left the company 🥺

  • lol so he only respect jyp a.k.a park jin young pd nim and not the company . HAHAHHA SAVAGE KING INDEED

  • Can someone help me understand what Jae means by “wet” lol I actually don’t understand

    • I think it is about the amount of effects justed in a song. When a song is 'wet' an effect is more justed.

    • I think he meant that the mixtape wasn't boring

  • Day6 should also quit JYP, I just have this company sooo much

  • Wow! Now it makes sense. I have known GOT7 since 3-4 years now but I never truly got around to their music much cuz I felt that it sounded very monotone when their members had such a good range. And ENCORE serious felt like a 180 degree shift from what they were to what they ACTUALLY could have been and now will be... seriously, leaving JYPE was the best thing GOT7 did.

  • I like u man

  • I need your help ahgases. Please ask these channel to react GOT7 song. They already reacted to NBTM and Last piece. Kindly ask them to react to Mama stage and also Encore. Please comment on their channel. Please, it will be good promotion for got7 in Malaysia brleast.info

  • We will see who is the next, right?

  • Where to watch jae reviewing?

  • i like the free lesson from Jae starting from 3:34

  • 😂 I love artists that throw shade at JYP

  • Plssss say to me it's real???

  • and im still waiting day6 leave jee why pee entertainment and find their best agencies, but i really hope that day6 will end their contract and move to 88raising, but whatever happens with day6 I'll support them.

  • Jae wake up and choose to say facts

  • Jae educating us!! Honestly super helpful to understand!

  • I feel like Day6 will become like got7 too. I don't think they will renew their contract next year, but they're not going to disband.

  • Jae and throwing shade issa vibe 😂😂😂

  • I love this song 😘

  • Jae: "im just kidding" Sweetie weeee knowwww you're not kidding hahaha

  • They way jy** keep control their artist creativity, is their lost. Waiting for Day6 members glow up after this, fighting!

  • I really hate how JYPE treats their idols, and that’s also goes to SM entertainment too, the companies suck but their singers are masterpieces


  • 중국, 맛있는 음식 다 있는 나라!


  • i can just see day6, twice, and stray kids leaving j*p as soon as their contracts ends hahahaha

    • i want that so bad

    • @Aryssa Mazlan yes definitely!!

    • Not to forget itzy

  • I don't understand what this wet and dry vocals are anyone have any links explaining.

    • It’s kind of like a slang word I guess. Like he said their songs (jyp mix) didn’t sound trendy and kind boring I guess. But now that they worked on it their selves he’s saying that he can tell the difference that it’s more exiting and such. Hope that helped

  • I wonder how will day6 sound once they leave jype, definitely better

  • i want to listen to jae talk about more songs from different artists and how they are mixed. now i'm super curious haha

  • *LMAO* I looked at the thumbnail and initially thought, "That's hilarious that he said that" and then I was like, "Wait, that's Jae and he's still *in* JYPE. He's not going to say that! It's probably just clickbait." But low and behold he actually said it 😂😂

    • Jae woke up and chose violence

  • They are not in JYP anymore. No wonder its so good.

  • I hope got7 will reunite with the jype artists like twice, stray kids, day6🤧I want to see them all together again

  • We can always expect honesty form jae 😂

  • the fact that first song got7 released after they left was dedicated to their fans 😭😭😭😭

  • Damnnn. Jamie left and then Got7. I'm pretty sure Day6 gonna follow through real soon. They all deserve better.t Their talents are wasted in JYP.

  • Jae: Jae, don't get in trouble please? Also Jae: Whatever, I don't care dude HAHA i love his energy so much he's just done w this company

  • Why is the vocal mix so wet and good now? Well Jae, because they moved from a Korean big 3 to a GLOBAL big 3 agency. I love Jae's savagery HAHA he's really just spitting straight facts for 7 minutes :p


  • “jae dont get in trouble plz” jae: i dont care dude 💀💀

  • Jinyoung Co-composed and Co-wrote the song, his music style is kinda similar to Day6's style, maybe that's why Jae liked it so much. Do check out their b-sides, they're all gems. 💚

  • GOT7🤝Jae - dissing the company while they're still in the company.

  • I cracked up when he said they are not in JYPE, no wonder it’s good Thanks for supporting GOT7