Heroes Speedrun | Clash of Clans

Publicado em 17 Mar 2021
Today we gonna attempt to speedrun defeat all heroes in Clash of Clans using max number of each troops. Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden and Royal Champion will defense their position while being attacked by 300 housing space worth of troops. Who's gonna be the fastest to defeat max level heroes?

Heroes are some kind of special troops in Clash of Clans. When they defeated they are not disappeared instead they can rest and restore their hitpoints to be ready for next battle. Clash of Clans has 4 heroes, well at least so far. Heroes consist Barbarian King the first hero everyone got, Archer Queen, Grand Warden and last but not least royal champion.

Barbarian King is well balanced heroes that can deal massive amount of damage and took a lot of damage too. This guy has a lot of hitpoint and great DPS well compared to other troops and heroes. Barbarian King can spawn number of barbarians when he use his ability and the barbarian is not a fake barbarian but an actual barbarian so they can really helpful in some case. Barbarian king is balance and overall really good hero.

Archer Queen in the other hand is also a good hero well actually there is no such thing as bad hero even Grand Warden is also excellent even though he can't deal much damage. Archer Queen is ranged hero and can deal massive amount of damage on every arrow, combined with her ability the destruction level she can create is imaginable but really great. Archer Queen become invisible when she use her ability and spawn some archer to help her.

Grand Warden is support heroes which is really play an important role when doing some invasion. Grand Warden make nearby ally become more thicc in term of hitpoint that also make them more durable for receiving more damage from defense. Grand Warden active ability not gonna spawn anything but instead fortified his ally and make them invulnerable against any damage for maximum 8 seconds and that's really great.

Royal Champion while still new can bring significant amount of goodness to player. Royal Champion ability allow her to throw her shield like Captain America and hits nearby defense building causing large amount of damage. When she throw her shield, she also recover some hitpoint. Royal Champion target defense building combined with her damage. She can be very useful to penetrate enemy defense.

Who's gonna win this speedrun?
Let's see!

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  • Minions flying goblins

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