(비방 주의) 트레저의 ★신체 비밀★ 공개합니다 | 랜덤문답 | TREASURE 'MY TREASURE'

Publicado em 28 Jan 2021
0:00 (비방 주의) 트레저의 ★신체 비밀★ 공개합니다 | 랜덤문답 | TREASURE 'MY TREASURE'
[📝 질문 모음]
1:03 트레저 라최몇?
2:07 나만 아는 내 신체 점 위치
3:15 트레저 최고의 꿀 보이스는?
5:09 빨대 구멍은 하나다 vs 두 개다
5:52 수록곡 '나랑 있자' ASMR로
6:32 야자타임 1분 동안 ㄱㄱ
7:38 밝기 100%인 세상 vs 밝기 0%인 세상
8:05 '나랑 있자' 앙탈 파트 멤버별로 ㄱ
🔓 9:20 아이즈원이 남기고 간 질문
10:15 바비 vs 송민호
11:38 '마이 트레저'로 5행시
12:15 같이 지내면서 '와 이 친구는 어쩜 이러지?' 한 순간
13:47 태어나서 가장 행복했던 순간
🍪15:24 쿠키 영상🍪
🌟 미방영 질문 모음 🌟
🌟 To. 트레저 🌟
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  • 2:07 Q. 나만 아는 내 신체 점 위치는? 트레저만 아는 정우의 은밀한 보석함 OPEN...★ [📝 질문 모음] 1:03 트레저 라최몇? 2:07 나만 아는 내 신체 점 위치 3:15 트레저 최고의 꿀 보이스는? 5:09 빨대 구멍은 하나다 vs 두 개다 5:52 수록곡 '나랑 있자' ASMR로 6:32 야자타임 1분 동안 ㄱㄱ 7:38 밝기 100%인 세상 vs 밝기 0%인 세상 8:05 '나랑 있자' 앙탈 파트 멤버별로 ㄱ 🔓 9:20 아이즈원이 남기고 간 질문 10:15 바비 vs 송민호 11:38 '마이 트레저'로 5행시 12:15 같이 지내면서 '와 이 친구는 어쩜 이러지?' 한 순간 13:47 태어나서 가장 행복했던 순간 🍪15:24 쿠키 영상🍪 🌟 미방영 질문 모음 🌟 ㄴ twitter.com/MUPLY_PLAYLIST/status/1354761140224602113?s=20

    • @Khushi awwww :(( thank u

    • @Luvlee Dalisay the last part was just a short fun clip (a cookie clip) :)

    • I'm still waiting for part 2, i thought the last part was a preview. is there still next episode?


    • @nabila nurazizah 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • I found that J-Line also funny....lmaoo

  • asahi's laugh

  • me: *listening to Yedamie’s Be With Me ASMR while eyes closed* 😍 also me: keeps repeating it 😅

  • shiho's screentime skdjsksjs

  • On Jeongwoo's question I know you also know that he has another mole somewhere else but can not show.

  • some of the caption are not accurate. I hope Muply could fix it

  • 9:24 I'm a wiz*one so mygoooosh HAHHAHAHA

  • 7:50 😂

  • If you look ruto's eye he looks tired rutoya sleep well don't think to much the bad vibes 🙂🙂

  • What webtoon is hyunsuk referring?

  • Junkyu looks so freaking adorable on the thumbnail💙💙💙💙😭😭😭

  • jihoon picking the question that iz*one wrote, oh yas, i love it

  • Gemoy

  • yoshi's "OMO" MADE ME SHOOK

  • yoshi and shiho's omo is just so hilarious to watch🤣

  • i can't with yedam's asmr.. i got butterfly everywhere...be with me dont go >..

  • 6:10 okay.. Ye Dam... I died right there ❌👄❌

  • 4:28-4:56 These 2 Crakheads and Yoshi's "Omo" 😂

  • Junghwan: All shush. Hyung: Yes. Okay. Some of them bow HAHAHHAA. Just found it cute,they really listen to the maknae.

  • Love them sm

  • Who comes after them? I'm curious about the question


  • 9:15

  • So what was the question?

    • Go to stage, with out make up or without hairstyling. Wayv answered it already.

  • The webtoon that was shown is ‘Secret playlist’ For those who were curious

  • 6:12 till this day i still dk whats happening in the back lmao whats w jaehyuks pants??

  • 10:28 What song did Hyunsuk sing ???

  • Comments: Doyong/Mashi/Yoshi/Jeongwoo Me: i like Yedam...

  • 방예담 에슴알 미쳣냐고....으허우우우ㅜ

  • Hyunsuk's "Ba-bye MU:PLY , MU:PLY MU:PLY" he's such a baby

  • 8:11 Jihoon and aegyo is so cute!

  • Cutie Yoshi ㅠㅠ Doyoung always makes me smile~!


  • Junghwannie Maknae on Top!

  • Junkyu handsome boy❤💗

  • 11:34 cutie mashiho 🥺

  • 8:11 jihoon aegyo + cutie junkyu 8:24 hyunsuk ssjskjsjdj 8:59 mashiho speaking japan so cute

  • 6:06 im going crazy hear yedam voice 😭

  • Yedam Hyunsuk 😍

  • Treasure 🤩❣️

  • So we got Iz*one x treasure moment before inkigayo....Is this fate??yujin and jihoon are meant to be friends

  • when did the subs change to "booby vs minho" ........

  • doyung very good for compli..my haruto.

  • yay everyone love haruto sweet n signature voice espcially hyunsuk.

  • my handsome n talent boy haruto sarange ,daiski

  • is it just me or when mashiho asked asahi about the straw thing, he spoke in korean with japanese accent...it’s so cute


  • Please help me understand Asahi’s question and his answer please 🙏🏼

    • How many holes does a straw have?? 1 or 2. He can't decide so he chose 3 instead 😂

  • jaehyuk is the most precious human being

  • They really loved teasing each other.🥺

  • ❤️

  • *These dorkkss! I love watching them. Please have them here often*

  • Came back here from WayV's Random Q to say they gave a great question sksksksksksks

  • 12:26 my reaction when a family member tells our guest (whoever they are) that i poo the foulest in the family. Like wth??? Why tarnish my reputation and destroy my respectful image???

  • why did I saw that junghwan like want to cry when jaehyuk is talking about his parents...


  • 6:05 my stomach: 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • well, if you're curious the webtoon title is secret playlist !!

  • Con trai hàn quốc đẹp quá

  • 14:35 asahi wahat are u doing? So funny wkwkwk

  • look at hyunsuk he so tiny 😍😭

  • the fact that izone wrote the first page and now jihoon does mc things with a izone member

  • 7:50 Jihoon looks so worried🥺 and 7:53 that success face of Doyoung after his pick up line😎 thank u doyoung for making ruto smile at that time✨💛

  • 7:55 aaakk senyum rutoo>∆

  • Can i know, what the webtoon title?

  • “ haruto , a member with sweat voice “ IM NOT THE ONE WHO LAUGH SO HARD RIGHT ?? the typo 😭😭😭😂 . sorry ...

  • 8.59 what does that mean ??????????????

  • caption says booby vs. minho. i can't.

  • 8:58 ましほ


  • 4:32 oh omo omo

  • Can anyone tell me which group got treasure's question

    • Probably WayV

    • @Rafki Putra for the next teaser, probably WayV

    • no one yet got treasure question

  • they’re so cute :(

  • "it's ok because Haruto shines himself" true: just like his name Haruto means: Sun/sunlight/morning shine.

  • Woah hyunsuk reads secret playlist!!

  • 5:26 mashi so cute + funny🤣

  • no one: hyunsuk: our jeongwoo is so reliable :>

  • Treasure should do a fact check with the 20 ramens! Can they really do that many? Or more?

  • thank youuuuu for this!!!!!

  • 8:17 Juuunkyuuuu😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • their visuals hit differently in this interview and I AM LOVING IT

  • Wait, wait what. So hyunsuk is reading this kind of webtoon or it's on the script? Secret Playlist is the webtoon name guys. You should check it!

  • You should the webtoon shown in hyunsuk's part. Secret Playlist is the webtoon's name. IT IS SO GOOOOOD

  • Jihoon got a question from IZ*ONE and now he's Mc-ing with one! haha

  • Does anyone know where the comic panels are from? Like the webtoon name?

  • 8:33 ASAHI 😭😭😭

  • 진짜 아님데.....아니라고......귀엽네진ㅉ

  • 9:56 JIHOON ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Dear muply, can you prank them for us in the next content~ PLEASEEE

  • How cool, jihoon got the answer from izone. Who would’ve known that he would co-mc with an izone member on inkigayo 🤣

  • Hikun!!! A straw has 1 hole. HAHAHA

  • I saw Junkyu , I clicked. :3

  • kawaii

  • Still can't get over with that weird sound at 3:00 😂😂😂 was it Mashi?

  • I came back here again, Junkyu thumbnail is soooo cute myghad i cantttt!

  • yedam's asmr.. im going crazy

  • Where is the clip at 6:00 from ?

  • It was so cute what Doyoung said about Haruto😭💘- Anyways I smiled so hard watching this lol-I love them🏃🏾‍♀️🌸✨

  • question: the happiest moment since you where born? (to doyoung) jeongwoo: please re-enact lmao