Publicado em 5 Abr 2020
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  • 43:44 Come On (for future reference)

  • I want watch their concert' live 😫🥺

  • ชอบทุกๆเพลงเลยค่ะ💚💚💚

  • Thanks for this


  • That Asian dude sings and dances so well!

  • love it ! these 7 beautiful souls are so talented !!!

  • น้องจะร้องเพลงให้ฟัง อิพี่ก็ตั้งท่านอนฟังเต็มที่ คิดถึงจังเลย

  • I come to see you guys every day. I always miss everyone❤️🐥

  • 1:08:14-1:08:22 Yugyeom and Jackson 🥺

  • I can barely remember the notes to like six songs idk how they remember the choreography to 50 songs holy crap the talent and hard work.

  • I think I love you....

  • Still hoping to be part of this beautiful ocean, someday soon. 🤞💚

  • เพลงเพราะุได้ฟ้งดีใจมากๆนะค่ะ

  • Im gusted I just know Got7 1 month back and I had missed out big time 😭 But thank you so much for this , if I know them early I would of see them in London arena . hopefully soon they will back together and go on world tour again and ofcouse they have to come to uk 💚

  • i love them and i miss them already

  • Love got7 comeback. สู้สู้สักวันคงได้เห็นพวกคุณอีกครั้ง ❤️💚


  • Thank youuu.. Jeongmal kamsahamnida💚🤗

  • 0:03 OUT (Jackson) 3:30 Never Ever 7:16 Ment 18:13 1° (Yugyeom) 21:32 Sign (Youngjae) 24:55 I Am Me (Jinyoung) 28:34 Ment 31:48 If You Do 35:23 Stop Stop It ~remix~ 38:53 VCR 43:43 Come On (JB) 47:13 A 50:13 Save You (JB) 53:40 Paradise (Jinyoung) 57:15 Ment 1:05:20 Thank You (Jinyoung) 1:09:09 Take Me To You 1:12:21 Teenager (JB) 1:16:22 PAGE (JB) 1:20:18 Ment 1:26:19 Look (JB) 1:29:41 Lullaby

  • I’m crying!!!!!! They are fabulous!!!!! I want to be in!!!!!!

  • Thank you!

  • คิดถึงทั้ง7คนเลย

  • รัก💚

  • Omg they SAng if you do so nicely 🥺🥺 JB and Youngjae at the end😭

  • u7

  • ดูและฟังเพลงของพวกนายทุกวันเลย รักกัซหมดใจ คิดถึงพวกนายนะ พวกนายสุดยอดจริงๆ

  • Love their perform 💚💚💚

  • Love their perform💚💚💚

  • ใม่เคยคอนเสริดูแต่ยูทุปเด็กๆน้ารักทุกและเก่งมากดว้ยคิดถีงพวกนะอยากเห็นพวกเขาอยู่ดว้ยกัน

  • How i wish to be part of the green waves 😭 meeting them even from far is like a dream come through... 😭😭💚💚💚 #got7forever #ahgaseforever 🐥🐥🐥💚💚💚

  • I am stuck at 35:00, and JB's adlib is very good at 35:07, match with the harmonies. Youngjae and JB are the best partner in adlib

  • No words... Just thanks for this ❤️❤️

  • Thankyou for this🙏

  • Youngjaes vocal in if you do is soo much

  • I was thinking about you and it’s made me smile }}}}}}} #got7Forever 29-1-2021

  • I’m crying in tears..😭😭😭 I miss GOT7!!! Really hoping for a Comeback!!!

  • Mis bb le dijieron a jpy i'm out

  • 謝謝你,去年沒參加演唱會真的好可惜,只能在這看這個😭 但也覺得安慰了

  • Please dont delete this:'))

  • miss you GOT7. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • พวกคุณจะอยู่ในใจและความทรงจำฉันตลอดไป

  • Thank you so much ☺️

  • I'm crying so much #GOT7FOREVER

  • Those vocals!!! I hope they stay together for a couple more of years or so...

    • FOREVER is more than just a couple of years though. If they say it is NOT the END, they we only have to do 3 actions....1 to trust their words & 2, to wait for their return & 3. to continue supporting them regardless.

  • What!Their live is damn stable and smooth and even better than CD, no matter that they danced a lot in the previous songs!

  • Happy Birthday JB ! January 6th!

  • wow mark

  • I want them make a muscles like Exo lol .Like Suho ,Xiumin,Baekhyun,Sehun,and Kai

  • แบมมี่ครับ คุณแม่มีชีวิตช่วงโควิดอยู่ได้เพราะแบมแบม #2020WithBamBam

  • ทั้งร้องทั้งเต้นนายแน่มากgot7

  • คิดถึง

  • Where eng sub?

  • who is here after they perform OUT and LAST PIECE at KBS song festival 18th december 2020 ???

  • Really miss Got7. Really miss their concert.

  • to jest takie dobre, że ja już nie daje sobie rady

  • Me watching this 2 hours before my final performance of undergrad is ultimate self care😍

  • 13:19 who said that jb is cute?

  • This is why they must be 7!!!!! 太爱他们了!!

  • 22:52 yugyeom's voice, periodt.

  • Their live vocals is so good!

  • เจ้าชายทั้ง7ของแม่เก่งมากลูกสุดยอด

  • ภาพชัดมากๆคะ คิดถึงกัซที่สุดเลยคะ

  • ฟังไม่รู้เรื่องแต่รักนะGOT7

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Miss u. got7💚

  • hello my only one jbummie

  • boyband in my heart and soul!! jb mine

  • heello jinyoung

  • go bbammie

  • hi

  • mahirap pala jowain ang tahimik

  • parang swabe pa nga si jackson at si ice choco

  • maputi si jb hindi

  • yees

  • pwede din

  • anuu height ni yg kim

  • si ice choco yeogyem kim

  • pero mas matangkad ako sa kanya

  • maganda mukha ni jb

  • bagayy kami

  • parang nakita ko na talaga si Ice Choco

  • isang dasal lang tupad na

  • pinatatatnggal laagi kasi sobrang galing mang english

  • matalino na may magnda pang kalooban

  • anuu kayo ngaun mga taga laguna

  • bf ko na si quennie

  • yess!!!

  • di mo ba ba alam may vision kami before dancers namin

  • jb ?

  • in n love ata talga ako kay jb im

  • mamimili na ako ng fave missionary sir jeong

  • si sir ann ang nagregalo sa kin ng citizen

  • fave ko talaga amo si Boss Philiip Kim bosuk Kim

  • ms ah ahcs pa

  • alagang don antonio ako

  • jyp.naver.com number 1 globally competitive talent coordinator in Philippines and USa!!

  • naver.com

  • anu email address mo? jb?

  • heiresss ng pinas si queenie