Publicado em 21 Fev 2021
It's another GOT7 and DAY6 moment. I'm a biggest fans of GOTDAY!! It's make me happy! ^^

PS: Sorry if any mistakes in subtitle. I'm still learning. Maybe typo or wrong. English not my first language.
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  • I cannot believe that Jae from DAY6 said all GOT7 songs are good I respect you 👍👍

  • *"No wonder it's it's good"*

  • The moment DAY6 will leave JYPE, that's when tea will be spilled 😂😂 Jae not giving a fuck and stating FACTS!!!!!!

  • Music lesson 101 with jae

  • jae: wait subtitle: wet

    • Sorry for mistakes. I still learning

  • He's telling the truth

  • Where i can watch full the video reaction of jae? Is it in his channel youtube???

    • @Deti Mega P thanks for your info, i am new fans of him uwu

    • On his live Twitch. But he's live Twitch not especially for reaction, mostly for gaming. Sometimes, he did reaction in the middle of gaming. Before or after. He can playing games on Twitch like 2-3 hours or 7-8 hours a day. Hehe

  • Alguien me resumir q dijo?

  • Jesus for a seco I thought Jae left JYP...

  • I don't get these dry, wet and AR things, even though he explained it so well. I'm so dumb

  • Chat: Jae don't get in trouble please Jae: What I don't care dude King behaviour

  • "don't get in trouble please" "I don't care dude" and that's why i love Jae tho lalsjshd he's so straightforward and honest about everything

  • If it is jae's reacting/review it's true

  • Where i can watch jae when he streaming?

  • I learn something about music here

  • Where can I watch all of Jae’s reacting?

  • Honestly I agree tho a lot of K-pop songs nowadays are pretty dry and you don’t wanna listen more than once or twice. I think that’s why I listen to older songs and more lately unless if it’s from one of my favorite group

  • The text/subtitles when he said wait was always... wet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Where can I watch h orignal video?

    • It was a live stream in his twitch. As far as i know he doesn't keep replays of his twitch lives anymore

  • The moment he forgot himself he's in jyp too😂 no wonder it's good then changed to actually all got7 songs are good🤣

  • Jae jujur banget sumpah 😂😂 Tp emank kalo boleh jujur pas terakhir2 gatse masih d jyp aku kurang menikmati lagu mreka d banding duluuu.. n pas mreka rilis encore serius ini lagu bagus bgt ..Bener kata Jae..pantesan bagus udah gk d agensi sono lagi hehe

  • Sorry but the captions you put aren't completely right... So some parts seem weird. But that's not what he said.

  • So if almost 90% of Day6 songs are dry, it only shows how extremely talented they are. They produce hit after hit without adding additional effects to their vocals. Maybe that's why their live performances sound the same or sometimes better than the studio versions.... hmmmm makes sense now.

  • Dudee just stan Park Jaehyung immediately

  • Literally he said that jyp mixing songs and all those things is awful, the original version is always better. And it's also jyp the person, he rejected many songs that are definitely much more better than the jyp version.

  • What is AR? 1:20 And i don't understand what he means by fry and wet... Haha

    • After the song he explains what is wet and dry

  • That "no wonder its good" had me levitating

  • Love you♥️

  • where can we watch this?

  • but i noticed that jae stream other mvs that yt recommend but skipped day6's mvs, lmao.

    • @Jennilyn Mendoza 😂😂

    • @madk madk like delete that RN! AS IN RN!!!!!

    • @Jennilyn Mendoza i know right it's so cringey! Whenever my sister or someone around me takes a video or something and later i hear my voice in it, i just feel so DAMN WEIRD 💀

    • @madk madk and i myself even don't want to listen or watch my own self like noE crInGeeeEe

    • I saw that too lol 😂 but i guess it makes sense bc artist spend so much time recording and performing those songs(their own ones) that they don't feel like searching and listening to them separately. Peniel from btob once talked about this

  • I'm 1000% here for Jae fanboying over the real GOT7 sound

  • Que dijo después de que dijo Wait?

  • What does wet mean in Jae's reasoning? Let me know, please!🤗😁

    • @Lexi welcome ❤

    • @madk madk thank you!

    • Dry songs don't *stick* with you. They are...umm kinda forgettable(?) but wet songs are *wet* and so they *stick* with you. Like you remember how it sounds distinctly and feel like listening to it more bc you like it and not bc you forgot how it sounds(which happens mostly in case of dry songs). Also wet songs are trendy. You can compare it to how wet clothes stick to our body or if our body is wet, the clothes stick to the body. i think that's what he's trying to say

    • That you can listen to the song more than once while dry is a one time listen

  • Anyone wondering what he meant by if the songs are wet or dry what he was saying is that certain songs from certain time periods sound different so a song from the 80's that is rnb won't sound the same as a song from the 2010's rnb . Jyp the company has formulated a way so that songs that don't sound old or from a different area of music so that a song made from 2010 doesn't sound much different from 2020. There is nothing wrong with this UNTIL it starts to hold back your artist and instead of letting them experiment try new things and let them stand out they just force all of their artist into this box so that they can make quick profit this becomes so frustrating for artist as there are dozen of clips of jyp rejecting songs from got7 that sound GREAT but to him don't fit the formula which is to make songs that are very general and generic (basically traits that songs from every time period have )

    • @Ruchika Pandey, 5 B oh yess! for sureee! i was thinking the same

    • thanks for explaining

    • No wonder jyp groups like miss A and wonder girls old songs still sounds trendy in this era....thanx for explaining

  • It’s funny to think that jae used to be that guy who’d try and stop jamie from shading jype on asc, but now that jamie left, it’s now his turn to do it.

    • @blue black at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if all their artists has had enough of jype tbh

    • He had enough with jype. Its been 5 years for day6. So....

  • Ahgases are not exaggerating when we said jype restricted them a lot. If an artist like jae notices it, then that is it.

  • just watch him leaving jype later 😶😶

  • Wow jae.. u are such a supportive brothers to got7 Sorry to ask.. but why jae does not show his face anymore?

    • He said he isn't comfortable showing his face

    • Probably because he is not on break anymore and working on a comeback with Day6. He’s back being property of JYP

  • JYP ent. Idol have no filter thats way got7 are and also jae

  • Whats he mean by AR?

    • Arrangements :) How they mix the song after it´s recorded and put together :) They do it to give a song quality and sound (unique to the artist or the company).

  • I learned something! And I love Jae's solo songs! No wonder it has a different sound, I just thought he went more RnB.

  • I love Jae's reaction. I love his honesty! Thank you Jae!

  • This video have a looooot of advertisements. No offense but true hehe

    • @KRISH NR yeah maybe 😅

    • Lol this is the only video I watched today in one go without ads 😸! I realized only after seeing your comment.😅Probably it changes region to region.

    • That's algoritm from BRleast, I can't do anything. Sorry.

  • I hope Jae also gets his freedom one day, but happy he has no filter even tho he is still under jype here 🤣🤣🤣

  • That's why I love jar he's to straightforward to everything

    • I personally like mason jars. But this talking jar is nice too. XD

    • @Joseph Youssef I like eating jam with butterflies around me :]

    • @Joseph Youssef hahahahaha you made my day🤣

    • I love jars too especially ones with jam in them

  • Jae: No wonder its good Also Jae: *realizes he's still at JYP* Jae: GOT7's songs are all good 😂😂 nice save, jae

  • Love jae

  • I think I found the no filter person🤣🤣🤣

  • This is why i love jae. Great artist appreciates great artists. 💚

  • omg i love Jae HAHAHAHAH "No wonder its good"

  • It would be a big FU to Jyp if they become bigger than before.

  • 5:54 "old but gold" never ending

  • Yes jae shade the fuck out of them im enjoying this way too much

  • I like how jae explained the wet songs. Music nowadays with idol groups, you just want to listen just one time 🙃

    • @Jennilyn Mendoza you should also check enhypen and kingdom they also have different concepts

    • @PINKSKY thank u

    • @PINKSKY ohhhh, i'll try

    • @Jennilyn Mendoza you should check out ONF, they're amazing and so unique

    • ikr, its getting boring hwjsjwjw no i'm sorry but this is the truth. the concepts are always the same.

  • AAAAAAAA JAEEE NOOOOO I'M CRYINGGG ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Thats why we love Jae Always honest and true

  • Jae notice the changed of music mix. No more restrictions = Better music💚

  • Is this live in twitch

    • From my understanding of what he said Is that different song from different time periods have different kind of sounds so like a song from the 80's wouldn't sound like anything from 2010 because different time areas have different kinds of music so jyp the company has formulated a way to make songs from a long time ago sound like they are recent so that they sound new u don't think theres anything wrong with this but when you start doing it to much and try to make all your sings have this kind of sound you're artist aren't going to be able to be as expressive and/or creative as they would like this makes the company money but holds back the artist and not allow them to reach their full potential because their not experimenting or making something new thier just making something that can sell

    • @Demmi Diaz But I thought he say JYP style make songs 10 years ago sound not that old(not really like 10 years old) Sorry if my English bad😞

    • It means the song sound so satisfying in ears to hear. It's not like kind of songs that if you hear it once that will be the last.

    • @BamQ maybe it means that the song is dripping lol

    • What’s that means “the song is wet.”??

  • Uwu I love jae

  • I love him so much

  • what's AR lmao

    • There you go!

    • I'm pretty sure he said A&R (artist and repertoire). I think jae is refering to them as they decide what songs should be released. correct me if i'm wrong.

    • Me too 😮

    • Yess, I curios about that too

  • "No wonder its good" hahahahaah

  • กลับมาเร็ว ๆๆ นะ