Daft Punk Tribute - 1993 to 2021 // Thank you.

Publicado em 22 Fev 2021
Daft Punk Tribute - 1993 to 2021 // Thank you.
This is not a best of - just a tribute to the duo that has impacted the world with their timeless/classic hits. Thank you for making me a lover of electronic music and although you'd release infrequently through the past 28 years - your catalogue will continue to live for much longer. Spliced together is footage I found of the duo online and the mix made by Ghostdragon. Hope you all enjoy.
•Daft Punk:
Parlophone France:
•Disney/Walt Disney Records:
Daft Punk Tribute - 1993 to 2021 // Thank you
Mix made by GhostDragon:
•Daft Punk - Epilogue
•1995-08-05 - Daft Punk (Live PA) @ Soirée Prophecy, Carros (South of France)
•Daft Punk’s - Electroma
•Daft Punk Feat Pharrel Williams - Get Lucky (Album Version Video)
•Daft Punk Cameo from Tron (Copyrighted owned by Disney):
•Lotus Daft Punk Commercial:
Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (Music Video)
Tesla Starman/ Around the World
Best of Daft Punk 1997-2017 (Best Moments 20 Years)
•Daft Punk - Discovery & Interstella 5555 (Interview)
•Daft Punk - Alive 2007 HD Set:
Daft Punk - Yourself to Dance
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger // 0:00
Daft Punk - Crescendolls // 3:04
Daft Punk - One More Time // 4:53
Daft Punk - Revolution 909 // 9:08
Daft Punk - High Life // 11:26
Daft Punk - Digital Love // 13:30
Daft Punk - Derezzed // 17:09
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic // 18:38
Daft Punk - Around The World // 20:41
Daft Punk - Voyager // 22:27
Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music // 24:38
Daft Punk - Face to Face // 25:27
Daft Punk & Pharrell - Get Lucky 26:14
Daft Punk - Da Funk // 27:28
Daft Punk - Instant Crush // 28:06
Daft Punk & Pharrell - Lose Yourself to Dance // 32:20
Daft Punk - Something About Us // 33:35
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  • What's your favorite Daft Punk song of all time?

    • Around The World

    • Television Rules The Nation Around The World Rolling & Scratching Prime Time Of Your Life Alive

    • Alive is disgustingly underrated

    • Around the world

    • One more time/ aerodynamics

  • every time i watch this video i will comment: please do one more tribute

  • 20:40 This is such a really nice transition too!

  • 3:02 I really like this transition

  • Burger! Nuggets! Burger! Nuggets! Burger!

  • Whether or not you like this type of music/preference can we all agree that their outfits/character design looks so fucking cool

  • My mentor. Thank you Daft Punk gods of music. From Italy with love. 🔺❤

  • Daft punk always lives in my ❤👌😎

  • The first time I ever heard Daft Punk was age five, listening to One More Time in my brother's car. These guys helped shape my love in music more times than I can count, and I'll never forget them

  • les daft punk son FRANCAIS!!!!!!!!

  • 1:59 music this is nice

  • it's so sad.. the end of an era :(

  • They've been doing music since the year I was born, I love them so much, when I heard they stop...I cried, but their music is one of the best things i met in my life and will be forever in my heart, sould and mind ♡ ♡ ♡

  • burger! Nuggets! Nuggets! burger!

    • jamel debbouze et michaël Youn

  • Instant crush is my favourite.

  • Coolest robos in the music game 💋

  • I never even heard of Daft Punk until last year, either I'm weird or you are weird.

  • Thank's daft punk

  • so you took their songs, and tributed back to them? xD


  • Worth 36:47 minutes of my time just sitting here listening and nothing else

  • Real face Daft Punk 25:55

  • Good endiin

  • every time i watch this video i will comment: please do one more tribute

  • the first video is really dumb lol

  • "our work is never over" me: "SO THAT WAS A F___ING LIE"

  • The last song hits harder then anything

  • every time i watch this video i will comment: please do one more tribute

  • Love it!

  • digital love voyager one more time

  • Daft Punk Songs makes you feel you belong to another dimension where music is everything, absolute legends in their work.

  • Honestly a little surprised at how much discovery album is in this, I always considered it one of their lesser known albums other than harder faster etc and one more time.

  • That ending is unbelievably sad

  • I've said before that I think that Avicii was the most impactful EDM artist in the 2010s, but that was Daft Punk in both the 90s and the 2000s imo. They paved the way for him. And I wonder who's it going to be in the 2020s.

  • One more time for daft punk

  • They were legendary

  • 😭😢

  • best mix ever men gg

  • one more time daft punk plis

  • Basically Daft punk was the summary of the inner nerdy geek kid in me that never fitted in but created a community of followers to hang out with - Thanks for the Memories Daft punk

  • :(


  • And to think they wore the helmets to hide who they were because they did not want the fame to follow them. They truly did what they wanted because it made them happy. That's what made this duo special. Nothing can ever replace them.


  • Just watched 30mins of daft punk while getting ready will being playing their cds while driving. Thanks for this

  • :c

  • Every song is a short life story of revolutionary movement through arts of abstracted thought forms bringing light of love balanced with sad word meanings bearing soul weight stamped theory of starboy born sci-fi Tron legacy denied history dominant future contested war won before the beginning of inner pandemic Mirroring outer catastrophic climate change end crossing colliding colluding crisis prone cascading events related Potency Reflective Energy Harvesting Deadlines linked Bio Electro Magnetic Fields Dependent hacked Human Animality Targeted Individual Torturing via Neural Monitoring Activity Grounding Air Bridging Surfaces forever Spinning Negativity Imagery fueled Social Imaginary Projected Polarized Political Duplicity Seeded Economy Rooted Spellbound Possessed Geophysical Psychology.

  • France's greatest export:

  • Yo se que esa musica no la puso intencionalmente para ese momento 34:00 😔👊💔

  • espetacular

  • Ok but why did you showed telsa car space footage?

  • Stupid music

  • Daft Punk is -legendary- Mythical

  • 28 ans pour 4 musiques sans paroles en plus XD

  • ;c

  • Merci a vous, d'avoir été la, bonne retraite!

  • ♥♥♥♥

  • im still a child but i loved their musuc and then this happend:(((

  • I’m sad

  • work it , make it , do it , make SUS

  • Daft Punk, Я Вас люблю! I love You!

  • The legends

  • Ocurre

  • Have

  • Oops ...error

  • Klipo yk

  • Daft punk (Kanye West) - Stronger :D

  • Fun fact: they havent made a song in 5 years


  • 🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  • awesome Daft Punk forever

  • They died??

  • Play it one more time for them.

  • j'aime bien les musique mais c'est trop nul qu'il se son quitté


  • every time i watch this video i will comment: please do one more tribute

  • who the fuck dislikes this????

  • Woaoooo, there are many, they all marked very beautiful moments in my life, one of which I loved the most was Veridis quo, Instant Crush, I feel it coming, Lose yourself to dance, Get Lucky ...

  • "Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened" - Dr. Seuss

  • Best electric music, thank you... and so sad

  • Burger... nuggets..... words of true wise men

  • Daft Punk does not have a twitter account. You've linked a fan account pretending to be them.

  • Even robots cry... ...and I do harder...

  • What happened why there is tribute?

  • Holy fuck! I had to look it up. I ddnt know they were spilting. Fuck. gg

  • You make a great job, thanks

  • why do you think they split up?

  • 2:36 best guitar solo ever...

  • very good

  • Thank you Daft Punk for the brain candy. Best Wishes for your retirement" high" in the Alps!

  • Estuvieron juntos mas tiempo que el matrimonio de mis padres xd

    • epico

  • k nostalgia UwU

  • w-wow people are so emotional in the comment *sniff*

  • Con One More Time los conocí, pero fue Voyager la que me enamoró

  • Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait...

  • Never realized how much they were a art of my childhood til now

  • High Life is my favorite songs and it always makes me cry and now I have a good reason to.

  • 36:36 Kikoho!

  • Lose Yourseft To Dance

  • instant crush makes me feel something different