BTS Performs 'Fix You' (Coldplay Cover) | MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS

Publicado em 23 Fev 2021
Musical guests BTS perform a stripped down cover of Coldplay's classic track 'Fix You' for MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS.
#BTS #MTVUnplugged #FixYou
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  • Jin ❤

  • Con todo el respeto del mundo bts no tiene que demostrar nada porque tienen un talento gigante que no tiene techo y que va a seguir evolucionando,pero el army tiene que tener menos toxicidad y creo que también va en parte con madurar en el sentido de aceptar que no a todo el mundo le va a gustar cuanto al apoyo es un bestialidad lo que logra el fandom y el apoyo incondicional me atrevo a decir el fandom más grande del mundo me encanta bts de lo mejor Fue una opinión con todo respeto

  • Everyday I come back to this masterpiece and still crying over Jin's vocals 😭

  • 😢💗

  • 😭

  • Everyone is talking about jin's voice,so which one is jin?coz they're all look the same for me lol

    • The one with the strongest vocals

    • the one with the pink mic is jin 😊 Kim SeokJin 💜

  • Why my brothers there!?

  • they got the best vocals😍❤🥰

  • All of them have unique voices 💜

  • Perfeição

  • This made us an army

  • Jhope ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tae should have a full cover of this song! He can sing ALL lines!!!

  • still watching

  • Giọng Jinie ấm áp quá >


  • Jin's vocals are just so moving

  • Silver voice jin

  • I can't stop listening to this One word to describe our boys and their talent= PERFECT

  • Love yourself Relay3522

  • Wow


  • ok i'm back here again!!

  • Some info about JIN: He is the most praised vocalist of bts by critics, his bsides always have the most #1 itunes, moon is highest and longest charting bts solo song in 2020.he is the second artist with the most #1 itunes for a bside and third artist for the most no1 itunes for a solo song, moon is the 5th song in the world with most no1 itunes worldwide, moon was ranked 5 on the greatest boyband songs of all the times the highest bts song,he is the only member Grammy panel praised specifically praising his high notes, breath control, falsetto and his ability to change between head voice and chest voice easily, and called him silver voice,fake love won song of the year and they specifically mentioned jin's high note his high note in Dionysus was named the best moment of MOTS persona album, he was praised by KMA (its like korean Grammy), NME, and many more...Rob Sheffield even played moon during his podcast and praised it, Time praised jin vocals in let go ,even if u read his Wikipedia its mentioned in first paragraph and in artistry that he is an acclaimed vocalist. and there is more and more… More about Jin : Jin is always trending on korean websites, the korean general public loves him a lot. They always post how they want to see him ACT. Jin's merch always sells out first. Moon has 109 #1s on iTunes, Epiphany has 63 and Awake has around 51. Moon is the longest charting BTS MOTS7 SOLO on Melon music charts and one of the largest point-earners on Gaon! Listen to abyss

  • Seokjin Don't be shy make a whole cover already

  • 💖💖💖

  • Beautiful Women's 😘

    • they are men , or are u that dumb that u dont know the difference between a man and a woman

  • Finally jin gets recognition he deserves

  • Los chicos lo hiciero exelente los amo

  • i come here when i need to cry : )

  • Best cover ever

  • 2:22 hobi looks so goood in that shot, with an angelic voice ofc also 222 is an angel number 🥺

  • Jin and rm duet is d most beautiful thing in d world.. Period

  • Guys RM snapped man!!!! Whattttt!!! 😍😍😍


  • This is my favorite song since i have heard it

  • 정국 이제 정점에 있네요

  • This is so healing to my heart

  • Finally everyone talking abt Jin!! ✋👏😌 (I wish he saw all the comments 🤧💜)

  • Their voices are so beautiful, only that can I say.

  • Vote bts fix you on myx please guys

  • 26,6M

  • damn it’s been 2 months and i have never stopped listening to this

  • Rm’s backing voice is soo beautiful ☺️❤️❤️🥰 they all have beautiful voice. I love how Jin goes from low to high, it was so clean

  • Este cover hace que me duela el alma cada vez que lo escucho, es precioso

  • Esta canción se la dedico a Bangtan, chicos no se exijan mas de lo que pueden dar, esta bien a veces soltar, lo importante es volver a tomar con más fuerza lo que soltaste... Gracias por salvarme.. 💜💜💜

  • Jungkookie 💜

  • واو

  • Stupid...

  • Really touched my heart...

  • seokjin. tu eres como el cielo para mí. tu voz es un lugar seguro para mi. eres amor, felicidad y talento. no me importa parecer ridícula por expresarme así de ti. muchas gracias por ser tu, y estar en mi vida.

  • Nossa mano tá doendokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • 💔💔💔💔💔

  • KIM TAEHYUNG waouuu! this deep, honey and unique voice moves me every time !!! and that ending... when it feels like he sings while looking into your soul :(

  • How did hoseok make his voice sounds like autotune....i- thats amazing

  • Jin killed this, I really love his voice💜💜💜💜


  • Dynamite - BTS (방탄소년단) | ( Cover Guitar - Drum - Bass )

  • I love you BTS 💜

  • I am here because of Tae, because of BTS ✨ Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 💜


  • Guys, I think It’s 100% better than original... I listen to this whole day!!💜 Btw BTS voices are SOOOO good I can’t- 😩🖐

  • I love the one with the green mic that is Taehyung and I am addicted to his deep voice

  • Oh My god soooooo cute and Namjin is the cutest thing ever

  • 3:45 😍

  • Lmao come on Jin sounded awful as usual

    • Hater !

    • he slayed , You have to clean the shit out of your ears first 😂

  • Best Harmony for me was from Jimin and J hope and Best solo voice was Jinnie

  • What a great surprise to hear the rap line singing. Their amazing vocals should be more valued

  • as an ex-army who cut ties with BTS for personal reason, i will always be amaze of how angelic their voice are, not just JIN

  • I've always loved this song but listening to them saying these words is just something else I cry every time I listen to this

  • It hurts to know that their is only one kim seokjin in this world!!!!

  • I would never stop preaching for kim seokjin!!

  • Who knows that the crackhead, goofy, funny, extra boy 😂kim seokjin can sing this great !! His duality is insane!!

  • Jin be like "shining through my vocals stealing little hearts of people! So imma light is up like a Dynamite!!!

  • Jjinnnn!!!!

  • Love to see comment section about jin!!!


  • Happiness is knowing that you know before this video came out that jin's vocals were masterpiece!!

  • Jin is the person, even if he gets overpraises still he is exactly what he deserves to get!

  • Fix you is more than a song for Chris Martin and his family. I never listened to BTS, I don't even know who's who.... I just read they performed a Coldplay cover. But they honestly did a good job. But Coldplay will be the king forever.

  • All I came to say is that Seokjin is an angel!

  • Jin's singing have not improved, it transformed completely!!

  • Imagine if jin would get the chance to show off his great vocals!! This day won't be surprising to some people out there!

  • At this point jin can be main vocal with jungkook!!

  • Jin's vocals are not silver They are purest ruby and diamonds!!

  • I can preach whole day how much I love jin's voice!!

  • Jin is all about quality anot quantity!!

  • Perfect praise for jin is that "quality not quantity ''

  • I wonder the day kim seokjin will read this comment section be his happiest day in life!!

  • The only things scammys did right was praising kim seokjin silver vocals.... Lmao

  • Its exactly mesmerizing that the fact that jin who had no interest in singing, and knows not even singing shit of singing back then, now can sing this great!!

  • I throwing this on the people who say jin is talentless!!!

  • Someone said in another comment section once... Best cover of a song ever made. And, personally, I agree.

  • Jimin has one beautiful voice 💜

  • Best cover 😭💜

  • the jungkook voice is so beautiful

  • Deberían ponerle su toque para ser un Cover. Usaron hasta la misma melodía de la canción que ni siquiera Coldplay la usa en Vivo. Igual, estuvo bien. COLDPLAY es Maravilloso.

  • Just had a supremely shitty day, came to watch this video and it gave me so much comfort 💞

  • Yes Jin😁, BTS

  • heavenly