[Artist Of The Month] 'Bad' covered by ATEEZ WOOYOUNG(우영) | June 2021 (4K)

[Artist Of The Month] ‘Christopher - Bad’ covered by ATEEZ WOOYOUNG
[Artist Of The Month] ‘Christopher - Bad’ covered by 에이티즈 우영

우영 so bad… 내 심장 다 가져갔우영
박력 있는 퍼포먼스 10000번째 반함
( 1:14 ) 손끝 디테일 나만 볼 순 없지(*˙˘˙)♡

* Original Track : Christopher 'Bad'
* Performance Director: B.B TRIPPIN
* Choreographer: B.B TRIPPIN, Mr.Force

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  • Only need 60k to 6.2M!!! Lets keep str34ming atinyy.. ^ω^

  • Last time for me sorry I was silent but here today, try to be more vocal later!! Good night everyone and have a great day!

    • No problem, ai duck, you did well too today, thanks for your hardwork and good night.. ^ω^

  • 140.186

  • let's reach 10M asap atiny

  • Woo so gorgeous while dancing

  • woo ~

  • 61k to 6.2M!! Keep str34ming atinyy for our precious wooyo.. ^ω^

  • Jung wooyoung is gorgeous king! ♡

  • wooyoung will you come to universe today?🥺

  • First Wooyoung, then Yeonjun guys we need to bring Changbin on here next😂😂😂

  • he is so cool for this!

  • ME googling: HOW TO STOP OBSESSING OVER WOOYOUNG The result: your search didn't match any documents

  • Stage Genius Wooyoung ♡

  • 62k to 6.2M!! Fighting atinyyy

  • The more I watch this performance the more I fell in love with Wooyoung and this performance even though I don’t know Ateez. Is this a signal to Stan them?

    • yesss you should ^^

    • Yes, bestie.. Let's stan them, you'll never regret it! ^ω^

  • Wooyo is such a cute name but not this vid


  • Jung wooyoung is artist of the century!!

  • 63k to 6.2M!! Keep str34ming atiny!! Fightinggg ^ω^

  • *Vamos gente con todo*

  • 7M let's go~

  • 1 month in and i still cant get over this wooyoung ㅠㅠ

  • wooyo with new hair is gonna make me a cheater...

  • i believe in jung wooyoung supremacy 😍

  • Happy 535k likes!

  • 설레게 영이라고 불러


  • 64k to 6.2M!!!

  • Amo su pasión al bailar (•ө•)♡

  • Amo su pasión al bailar (•ө•)♡


  • Sigamos

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  • im still obsessed with this help

  • Lets goo atinyyy, lets keep str34ming!!

  • 65k to 6.2M!!! Keep going atinyyy

  • Try not to drool too much Atiny. Please keep it professional.

    • Lol, it's hard to do it, I'm sure yt delete them all, imagine the chaos.

    • Hehehe. Don't worry. Looking respectfully ;)... to the best of my ability!!!!!!

    • Not me. >.

    • Lmao haha how can we keep professional when see jung wooyoung being like this? (╥﹏╥)

  • I don't normally find wooyoung atractive but damn... right in front of my salad??

    • Hahaha. Your salad likes what it sees.

  • Wooyoung wrecked everyone with this performance

  • Jung wooyoung, please take my heart, baby!! >//////< ♡

  • Jung wooyoung is the king!! We love you.. ♡

  • 66k to 6.2M!! Fightinggg ^ω^

  • This is soooo amazing! He is such a good dancer

  • 6.113

  • 6.2M !!! Fighting atiny !!! #ATEEZ #에이티즈

  • You’re so good at being Bad, you know Wooyoung?


  • good morning guys

    • Good morning!

    • Good morning.. Semangat untuk hari ini juga!! ^ω^

  • AMO

  • 67k to 6.2M!! Lets go lets goo atinyy!! 10M is waiting for woo!! ^ω^

  • Força atinys!!

  • i cone back to this religiously

  • artist of the year check

  • wooyoung tiene muchísimo talento, espero que podamos seguir viendo más contenido como este de él!

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  • Wooyoung is 4th Gen's best performer!

  • Only need 68k to 6.2M!! Lets gooo atinyy, lets give our precious woo 10M or more for this amazing performance!! Woo deserves it!!

  • Less than 1 hour before class ╥﹏╥

  • Wow 😍

  • JUNG WOOYOUNG!!!!! I hope you know that i'm whipped for you now. How can i survive after watched this everysingle day? I need this performance for sure to boost my serotonin. I love you wooyo, please always be happy! ♡

  • You're so good at being bad~ luh? Owemji!

  • Good morning, wooyoung.. Let's be happy too today.. Woo, your new hair is so pretty.. i see your daily selca in ateez ofc ig, you looking so handsome and gorgeous in the same time!! We love you, woo.. Especially me >_

  • Wooyoung doesn't need charisma Charisma need Wooyoung

  • Wooyoung your new hair is

    • @Mommy Atiny when we get 50M, i think we will get another iconic ateez stage again in mama or another awards stage ≧ω≦

    • @AlsLovely haha! I’m still looking for his another iconic look on their Win stage. ^^

    • Mommy, your new pfp is so 👀 wow

  • Atiny let's not forget about Woo! Str3am hard for him and make him happy :)

  • Lets go harder for Woo please.

  • Lets give woo 10M atiny!! Lets share this vid again to another platforms and invite atiny and your friends to str34m with us!! WOOYOUNG DESERVES MORE!!!


  • I literally come here every day at least 5 times...

  • wooyoungie, good morning, i'm glad i work from home. i can watch your videos kkkk

  • Wooyoung no es el artista del mes de Junio, Wooyoung es el artista de todo el siglo

  • No es por nada pero yo después de esto quede más enamoradisima del talento de Wooyoung, sin duda tiene muchísimo talento y no sólo el sino todo ATEEZ. En fin ATEEZ reyes siempre ♡

  • Lleguemos a los 10M FIGHTING, Woo lo merece y mucho más

    • Vamos que se puede!

  • Sim ele é o maior

  • no me canso de esta obra de arte!

  • Only need 71k to 6.2M!! Lets goo atinyy keep str34ming for our wooyoungiiee ^ω^

  • 다시봐도 미쳤다 정우영.....

  • i am a mingi bias but i am not because bad wooyoung exists

  • jung wooyoung is another level, no one can dance like him tbh. The leader of 4th gen main dancer indeed

  • 73k to 6.2M!! Keep going atinyy!! Fightinggg

  • Lets make woo happy!!