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3:23Selena Gomez - The Making of 'Baila Conmigo' | Vevo Footnotes
2:37Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Lyric Video)
Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Lyric Video)Visualizações 2 miMês atrás
3:11Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Behind The Scenes)
Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Behind The Scenes)Visualizações 3,2 miMês atrás
2:49Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Official Video)
Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Official Video)Visualizações 63 miMês atrás
3:40Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Demo Version/Audio)
3:07Trevor Daniel, Selena Gomez - Past Life (Official Video)
2:59Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (VEVO Footnotes)
Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (VEVO Footnotes)Visualizações 1,3 mi9 meses atrás
3:12Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Behind The Scenes)
Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Behind The Scenes)Visualizações 2,5 mi10 meses atrás
2:56Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Official Video)
Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Official Video)Visualizações 64 mi10 meses atrás
2:43Selena Gomez - Souvenir (Lyric Video)
Selena Gomez - Souvenir (Lyric Video)Visualizações 18 mi10 meses atrás
2:43Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Lyric Video)
Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Lyric Video)Visualizações 6 mi10 meses atrás
2:53Selena Gomez - She (Lyric Video)
Selena Gomez - She (Lyric Video)Visualizações 7 mi10 meses atrás
2:49Selena Gomez - Dance Again (Performance Video)
Selena Gomez - Dance Again (Performance Video)Visualizações 25 mi11 meses atrás
2:48Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Live from the Revival Tour)
Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Live from the Revival Tour)Visualizações 18 mi11 meses atrás
4:20Selena Gomez - Rare (Live From The Village Studio)
3:46Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Lyric Video)
Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Lyric Video)Visualizações 24 miAnos atrás
3:44Selena Gomez - Rare (Pop Up Video)
Selena Gomez - Rare (Pop Up Video)Visualizações 7 miAnos atrás
3:35Selena Gomez - Rare (Behind The Scenes)
Selena Gomez - Rare (Behind The Scenes)Visualizações 1,4 miAnos atrás
3:27Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Pop Up Video)
2:44Selena Gomez - Look At Her Now (Pop Up Video)
Selena Gomez - Look At Her Now (Pop Up Video)Visualizações 4,7 miAnos atrás
2:44Selena Gomez - Look At Her Now (Alternative Video)
3:30Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Alternative Video)
3:44Selena Gomez - Rare (Official Music Video)
Selena Gomez - Rare (Official Music Video)Visualizações 90 miAnos atrás
2:30Selena Gomez - Ring (Official Lyrics)
Selena Gomez - Ring (Official Lyrics)Visualizações 10 miAnos atrás
3:28Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Lyrics)


  • Alguien en Lunes Marzo 1??

  • El 4 sale Selfish Love debemos de llegar a 60M aquí 🙏

  • Baila Conmigo

  • I didn't saw a single Turkish comment. 🤷

  • She such a queen i-💖

  • Me encanat

  • Her voice is different that's it..!!😔

  • I love myself and brilliant song and brilliant music too ✌️😎😉😊😏😀🤣💜💙

  • Song : Spanish Comment : Turkish Me : English

  • Más hermosa ,los dos unos genios ......No entiendo mucho pero vente baila, baila baila (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫ conmigo (●♡∀♡)

  • No one is gonna care about this comment but, this song its different to all the others that i have heard, its beautiful and heals you right where it hurts


  • Por favor mas temas de Selena en español 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • 2:33 what was that?

  • Love marshmello and selena

  • Te amo mucho selena Gomes


  • Mi amiga cantándola a grito herido porque la dejó el novio ._. Xd

  • Video de 3 pesos jjajajaj

  • Omg can't stop listening my queen song.. Keep replaying her song again and again.. Love her song so much..

  • Thank you this song a lot that made me continue living...

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  • I love u queen

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  • Drunk on a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky.

  • I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like this song

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  • Selena, benim bebeğim. Sen çok güçlüsün. Seni çok seviyorum. Ve senle çok gurur duyuyorum. Benim için çok özelsin. ❤💚🥺 - Z

  • she’s so hot

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  • if you are watching this in march, 2021 then you are a legend.

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  • She makes something I have never seen before. I love youuu Selena <3

  • I can't understand a word in this song, But love it........

  • como 100 ronpiendola con cada cancion

  • Selena sings better in Spanish than she used to sing in English