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6:03eFootball™ Official Reveal Trailer
eFootball™ Official Reveal TrailerVisualizações 1,1 mi8 dias atrás
3:42:31PES | eFootball.Open 2020-2021 World Finals
PES | eFootball.Open 2020-2021 World FinalsVisualizações 497 mil8 dias atrás
8:14:01eEURO 2021 - THE FINALS
eEURO 2021 - THE FINALSVisualizações 162 mil15 dias atrás
9:30:36eEURO 2021 Finals - Day 2
eEURO 2021 Finals - Day 2Visualizações 172 mil15 dias atrás
9:44:01eEURO 2021 Finals - Day 1
eEURO 2021 Finals - Day 1Visualizações 542 mil15 dias atrás
6:30:05PES | eFootball.Pro IQONIQ 2020-21 | KNOCKOUT STAGE


  • Oui ce sera vraiment cool si on pouvait jouer des championnats comme la liga

  • Coooolllll

  • Yes yes yes

  • why blue and yellow? thats hurting my eyes..

  • Poor bastard 😆😅😈

  • Is there e football points in pes 22

  • Nintedo is waiting plz

  • hye KONAMI.. we want iconic moment for Buffon ( juventas lagendary keeper)

  • 1:21 Ronaldo?

  • Hay konami...

  • Ahh yes now console gamers can defeat mobile players easily

  • Esto es una basura, Konami.

  • messi: i fulbo

  • HORRIBLE GRAPHICS, HORRIBLE GAMEPLAY! That shit aint 1% the same as the trailer Konami showed us last year.. We were hyped for nothing. No wonder Fifa has 0 competition, when Konami tryna bring mobile graphics and call it next gen

  • Fu*k E football i want Pro Evolution Soccer !!!

  • Having bought FIFA at launch for the past 4 releases, I'll at least try this one out before I make any sort of judgment.

  • هل هناك من عربي 😂

  • The end of pes golden era...

  • Jdb

  • Fifa is better

  • 0:01 Pes es de los pocos juegos que en vez de mejorar, involuciona.

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • hello konami constructive criticism about efootbal are the ways they move mainly the arms are very robotic you need to improve on that i love you and i will keep playing the game but you have to improve the graphics and make the movements more natural thank you very much for reading my comment and I hope you solve it thanks

  • Konami dog. I worked hard to collect coins from playing matchday but couldn't find any iconic ones

  • People are crying too much!? let's give it a chance, might be surprised. Personally I am excited for this!

  • I will like to think that maybe they are going to make two games, this one and pes 2022

  • Ну что админчик а где обещанный футбол 2022 на новом движке после дополнения 2021, так мы и не поиграли по справедливости из-за твоей жажды наживы, обманули игроков заявив в 2020 году что в 2021 выйдет просто дополнение, а в 2022 будет полноценная игра серии PES. А тут выпускаете какую-то ЕФУТБОЛ онлайн игру как на смартфоне и на нищих сайтах с онлайн играми! Где история?! Вообщем я знал что так будет - вы сдали. Придется перейти на фифа. Я знал что так будет когда вы профукали Метал Гир Солид и прочее. тогда я понял почему вам так важно тянуть соки с игрока - ибо как существовать компании. Вот ваш весь гандикап, аферы в админке мной и были замечены. ваше время было только на аркадных автоматах в 1995-2000 годах. А после выживание и обман. Продайте лучше акции другой компании, угробите вы игру, а фифа наберет обороты. Главное 5 лет пишу про вас и тут смотрю спустя 5 лет мне на сторонних сайтах ставят лайки - значит я прав и всех поставил в известность - даже за океаном аахахахха А начинал бороться с вами один не молчал и писал всю правду прерывая вашу не справедливость. Я понимаю вам доход нужен, а что нам тогда. я даже смотреть Ефутбол 2022 не стану, это как пересесть с любимого мерседеса на велосипед.

  • Thanks that’s outstanding

  • just that it is not paid to play all modes and online since I am not one of those who spend money on this type of game, I hope it is like pes 21 mobile that all modes are free Because in the pes if and recharged as 10 dollars and in other accounts up to 20 dollars, for me I hope that the game modes are not paid, the players' yes, but for the online mode F

  • 🔥

  • Thank you Konami for allmost 15 years. But this is not my choice

  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • What a foooooooool

  • What are the sheet????

  • Konami destroyed Metal Gear solid, Silent Hill so why not PES

  • 0.o

  • Forecast date for release?? Talk to me?

  • Acabas de matar mi INFANCIA, KONAMI HIJOS DE HPT..

  • Please don't Reset season

  • RIP Konami !! Downgrade graphics and bad game play..its just looks like a mobile games Very very bad game

  • Sh!t game

  • Need more feature in Mobile version.i am not saying for feature player😂 just give us best gameplay, animation and career mode so that we can make out ultimate team and update Stadium. I don't know how can be a 1.5-2GB game become so bad.take 1 month course from pubg developer,you need more efficient script for this game.

  • ...Sell Your IPs To Sony Or Someone Who Loved Your Franchise. Castlevania Silent Hill Metal Gear Solid

  • 😔😔😔orukaryavula Malayalli undo

  • s.hitty game, what just you did konami?

  • you guys just killed PES...u lied to us for 2 years that ure gonna make the best football game ever on the next gen and all we got is a joke, huge joke!

  • I suggest you to delete this video because it still a dream that never be existed

  • 6:08 he has diego Maradona

  • PES 2017 is still better than this

  • 🏟️🏟️🏟️❤️

  • The baddest Trailer i saw in my live from Pes…

  • Dislikes are fifa fans

  • I absolutely hate this 100%..i only play offline (master league) and never touch myclub.. But i understand the direction konami are going..we old gamers already had our fun since winning eleven/pes days..but today kids prefer online gaming and mobile gaming is growing so fast..konami cant cater to our demand only they also have to make money somehow..so let them kids continue the legacy of pes or efootball as it called now..we already got our best memories with pes and need to learn to let go..all the best efootball..best regards from old pes player

  • Konami you always have an iconic showerin all person . .But if it just goes up in my hand, it's only 500coin, so konami will one iconic please😓. Give me the base if I turn that 500. I have been playing pes for 2 years. Not even an

  • Y does it look like the mobile version and this is not a trailer

  • Darle las licencias al fifa ladrones !

  • ❤️ ❤️

  • Pes 21. Can't improve its the best football experience and changing it won't improve gameplay.

  • Man,, just wait and fully try it before you overreact this..

  • PES Mods save us from this CRAPPY game! 😬

  • Pls have vietnamese version :((((

  • @eFootball What the F*** are these graphics? Why the dynamic range of the game engine camera is so bad? Why the lighting is so badly represented ? Is this a joke or am I missing something ? UE 4 games from 5 years look better than this one. If you put out a reveal trailer like this, Your team deserves to be criticized. Please Don't release the game like cyberpunk did, in a bad condition. I loved the franchise.

  • efootball can you change the animation when you open a pack please we want the animation which was there in pes 2018 . can you chage the animation in efootball 2022

  • Konami just killed the franchise

  • En la miniatura se le ve re duro a messi

  • Agora pes vai vencer Fifa e voltar reinar

  • O jogo vai ser gratuito só quem é viciado ae compra as coisas na loja mas pra mim que sou jogador casual vai ser excelente

  • Bye fifa i am going in the side of efootball see yà fifa

  • PES21 s'il vous plaît ajouté les clubs africains et leurs stades avec la league des champions 😟

  • Whatever the name, i'm still calling it PES 😂