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the best vlog channel in the history of ever


20:15Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England
Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In EnglandVisualizações 7 mi2 dias atrás
10:50I Bought A Water Park
I Bought A Water ParkVisualizações 10 mi8 dias atrás
18:21We Joined The Military...
We Joined The Military...Visualizações 8 mi15 dias atrás


  • The funniest part of this video is the instructor dude 😂

  • Imagine just vibing on a rollercoaster and then you see Tommy screaming bloody murder in a raft

  • "Why are you just never satisfied?" HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED

  • 8:45 Best POV ever Change my mind

  • Why is the water so green

  • man this guy really looks like tommyinnit huh

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  • Go to sleep? *NO* Watch Tommy, Wilbur and Philza scream there heads off for 20 minutes. *YES*

  • U cannot say that george was the slowest cuz he is colorblind

  • this was sick

  • I like how Tommy Simons has more subs then Tommyvods when Tommyvods has been a channel way longer

  • TOMMY! YEAH!!!!!!!

  • ¨Your a failure¨ heard that one from my dad already

  • when i here tommy laugh it makes me smile with joy

  • The best video of Tommy screaming

  • tommy i bet you cant say you to next time someone says have a nice day to a girl or boy

  • The girl that you were trying to impress is missing out on a great man. 😔✋ I’m so sorry for you Tommy.

  • mano pensava q era o gusagi falando bicicleta na turmb

  • I am still wondering if he got the girl 🤣

  • U r tommylammig

  • Poggers

  • If you do the slingshot, you’re a beast fr

  • Tom Simmons

  • Tom's hairline ;-;

  • "The worst she can say is no" No the worst she can say is "I dont really know who that is"

  • it would be so embarrassing when tommy rides the smiler and there's a bunch of kalm kids seeing him scream

  • I was not even on the ride and I was scared 😦

  • I feel so bad for tommy

  • tubbo CARRIED

  • Wilber: U see The thing that I mostly hate about Phil is his unrelenting kindness Phil: oh Wilber: I hate it Phil: oh you see that’s a good thing Wilber: I pray on his downfall Phil: WHY Me:😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I'm actually low-key impressed with Tommy's acting skills, he actually seemed worried 😂

  • Holy kiddie coaster. Severely disappointed.


  • Wilbur: is this him? Tommy:yes Wilbur: hello do you here me? Girl: yes Wilbur: oh ok Tommyinit is a man now he went on the smiler he's a man now Girl:oh ummmmm who? Wilbur: tom simons Girl oh I don't now him I've got to go now Wilbur: bye Girl: by- Tommy: *silence* *cried*

  • That ending just broke my heart

  • The one before the smiler wouldn’t scare me at all and this is the “surprising” part I’m a child

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  • ok but getting 3 million subs in 3 weeks has to be some kind of record right

  • lol

  • How is tubbo so fit!

  • *timothy simmons*

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