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4:29Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 French Grand Prix
Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 426 mil2 dias atrás
6:26Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 3,2 mi2 dias atrás
25:36F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!
F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!Visualizações 472 milDia atrás
4:26Drivers React After Qualifying | 2021 French Grand Prix
6:36Qualifying Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Qualifying Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 3,1 miDia atrás
2:46FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 745 milDia atrás
7:02F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 222 milDia atrás
2:39FP2 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP2 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 1,6 miDia atrás
2:57FP1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 2 miDia atrás
17:03Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 French Grand Prix
Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 286 milDia atrás
4:39Esteban Ocon Re-Signs With Alpine! His Story So Far...
0:50Charles Leclerc Forgets To Turn Off His Radio! #Shorts
Charles Leclerc Forgets To Turn Off His Radio! #ShortsVisualizações 349 mil2 dias atrás
58:42Who Will Be On Top In France? | F1 Nation Podcast
Who Will Be On Top In France? | F1 Nation PodcastVisualizações 64 mil2 dias atrás
3:275 Feel Good Moments At The French Grand Prix
5 Feel Good Moments At The French Grand PrixVisualizações 211 mil2 dias atrás
5:05Grill The Grid 2021: Geography
Grill The Grid 2021: GeographyVisualizações 1,1 mi2 dias atrás
5:24F1 Hand Gesture Compilation!
F1 Hand Gesture Compilation!Visualizações 613 mil8 dias atrás
7:20The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1
The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1Visualizações 475 mil8 dias atrás


  • Hello I'm from the future and the race was actually really exciting

  • Gasly won a race Norris never and will never Norris is THE idiot

  • Everyone talking like being no. 2 driver is a curse. They are making millions just to drive! I’d swap with Bottas in a heartbeat

  • Verstappen's pass in Bahrain was also legal. It is either allowed or not completely. Lewis did exceed the track several times while hunting Max. No one raised a voice. When Max does the same, maFIA turns up. Just... Nice.

  • This explains why they kept bottas out and didn't put him immediately for a fastest lap. Mercedes were banking on that ruling. Turns out EVERY decision they made got outclassed by Red Bull. They don't like this kind of pressure.

  • Let's not ignore stroll insane climb

  • Mercedes 2021 : It's evolving just backwards

  • Lol ferari

  • I think this presentator should work a bit more on not fumbling over his words

  • Where Ferrari ...What happened with Ferrari? Look So far level from the rival Mercedes and Redbull team Now.

  • It's mostly due to running lower aero, not so much the honda PU

  • Simply Loveleh 👌 be seeing you 🤣

  • Ma ciò che ha fatto Verstappen in curva 1 al primo giro è regolare? Sbaglio o Hamilton in Russia l'anno scorso è stato penalizzato per una cosa simile?

  • Lewis: "...they are 3 and half tenths quicker on the straight..." that really is BS, and he knows it.

  • we saw the old danny ric there and i was so happy

  • Miss the pre race presentation.. on sports channel they start just few minutes before formation lap...😂 F1 car around the track less than 95seconds. F1 bus around the track 900 seconds 🤣😂

  • Don't know why, but hearing Gasly's engineer voice always makes me smile.

  • I'm just happy that we have a battle in front that we missed every overtake down the midfield :)

  • Even if it was an illegal overtake, assuming it was like in Bahrain, he would have just had to give the position back. He would have had more than enough laps to pass him again.

  • Wat voor auto merk rijdt eigenlijk redbull in

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  • I really liked how Kimi was concerned abour Seb's pace because he was fighting mercedes in order to slow them down enough. Great teammate, overall great performance

  • Why/what is 63 as Max crosses the finish line ?

  • Bottas to Ferrari, make it happen!

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  • my biggest flex is that i knew that f1 raced in switzerland

  • I love hamilton😍😍😍😍

  • "laughs in v-tec sound" V-TEC kicked in YO!!!

  • Always Gp2 car for Alonso 😑😔

  • Hope Tsunoda can improve, I feel like he can be really in the future, especially at RB.

  • Nice

  • What a horrible track for F1 cars.

  • Now Japan manufacturers (honda power unit) no 1 on the planet 🎉

  • انت رائع ماكس واصل

  • 4:19 😵🤯🤒🥶🥵🤧😭😢😰😱😣😓😖😞😖

  • Everyone that said max won't work with checo rn. 👁️👄👁️

  • You know the Mercedes strategists messed up when even Bottas loses his cool.

  • red bull thanks for giving us this win

  • Who's here after Redbull did a reverse uno?

  • Honda has such a bad time choosing when leaving F1. They should stay after seeing how RB is going

  • Red Bull proved it deserved a phenom like Verstappen!

  • Russel 0 points again... 🤔

  • Why there are some drivers with mask and others without a mask, does someone know?

  • 痺れるレースでした。フランスでこんなのが見れるとは驚き。

  • ha ha red bull go brrr

  • Verstappen with 2nd best car.. He is the best

  • Love Formula 1 now, didn't imagine it'd ever get this exciting and clinical 👏. Very sorry for bottas i think he may choose to leave the team then with the new rule changes russel and ham boi will be a surprise mix 👍

  • Yuki Tsunoda looks like a Grey!

  • Bravo Max and Red Bull, finally we can see some competition again after all this time.

  • Todays Honda PU is not GP2, but P1engine,

  • Max did it again👍

  • ブロックしないなんてハミルトンらしくないね。

  • Ferrari is fake!

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  • That undercut was incredible, couldn't believe it when Max came out in front of Hamilton, I was shocked.

  • Congratulations Max from Italy 🇮🇹

  • Where is the post race show???

  • So this is where Verstappen got the idea to punch Ocon🤣🤣

  • Max's medium tires really help against Hamilton's hard tires

  • Vettel knows all the og teams

  • "gifted almost Hamilton the lead" What kind of sentence is that Crofty?

  • One of the few times Lewis's tyres were actually shot.

  • Lewis and Mercedes' propaganda to say Redbull was much faster when they were actually on par. It was the strategy which made the difference.

  • People hate you when you are successful , Seb with RB was hated but Loved after he join Ferrari as he wasn't winning . Same goes with Hamilton they hated him for last 6 yrs and now when it looks like Max is gonna take the crown this time then people have started praising him for all he did .

  • And here I thought it was going to be a boring race. Redbull, McLaren and Aston Martin proved me wrong. What an exciting race.

  • Meanwhile at alfaromeo silence...

  • Hamilton and bottas both disagreed with the strategy yet Merc still went ahead with it. What's going on

  • First clip of this video the camera man is filming Hamilton almost instantly haahha

  • I hate how James always talks and apologises to Lewis, but doesn't do the same for Bottas. Correct me if I'm wrong, HE is the team's Chief Strategist right, and not just Lewis' strategist right?

  • Hope to see Max winning the first WDC and also the youngest world champ since Seb Vettel in 2010.

  • Awesome max... keep it up...

  • 0:32 This overtake reminds me of Verstappen's overtake on Nico Rosberg in 2016 Brazilian GP

  • Where’s the French Grand Prix Post Race Show?!?!?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bien ahi Victor Abad habilitando esos subtitulos.

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  • 1:08 If only Coulthard tried to make the pass 😁