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17:58Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!
2:59Mikasa Ackerman Launches an Attack on DEATH BATTLE!
3:23Blake Belladonna OverShadows DEATH BATTLE!
Blake Belladonna OverShadows DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 150 mil8 dias atrás
19:39Heihachi VS Geese w/ Commentary
Heihachi VS Geese w/ CommentaryVisualizações 23 mil8 dias atrás
1:00:32Jake VS Amethyst w/ Zoe Terhune | DEATH BATTLE Cast #224
3:37Geese Howard Takes a Quack at DEATH BATTLE!
Geese Howard Takes a Quack at DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 141 mil15 dias atrás
3:16Heihachi Mishima Crushes DEATH BATTLE with an Iron Fist!
1:02:02Aquaman vs Krillin | DEATH BATTLE Cast #223
Aquaman vs Krillin | DEATH BATTLE Cast #223Visualizações 44 mil22 dias atrás
19:00Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom w/ Commentary
Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom w/ CommentaryVisualizações 34 mil22 dias atrás
19:36Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!
2:21Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!
Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 147 milMês atrás
3:05Lex Luthor CEOwns DEATH BATTLE!
Lex Luthor CEOwns DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 159 milMês atrás
19:41Shadow VS Ryuko w/ Commentary
Shadow VS Ryuko w/ CommentaryVisualizações 45 milMês atrás
3:48Ryuko is a Cut Above the Rest in DEATH BATTLE!
Ryuko is a Cut Above the Rest in DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 207 milMês atrás
3:01Shadow HedgeHOGs the Spotlight in DEATH BATTLE!
Shadow HedgeHOGs the Spotlight in DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 196 milMês atrás
17:58Yoda VS King Mickey w/ Commentary
Yoda VS King Mickey w/ CommentaryVisualizações 50 milMês atrás
2:40King Mickey Fights for the Light in DEATH BATTLE!
King Mickey Fights for the Light in DEATH BATTLE!Visualizações 209 mil2 meses atrás
3:49Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!
Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!Visualizações 247 mil2 meses atrás
1:00:02Akuma VS Shao Kahn w/ Chris Kokkinos | DEATH BATTLE Cast #217
19:52Venom VS Crona w/ Commentary!
Venom VS Crona w/ Commentary!Visualizações 46 mil2 meses atrás


  • No way Mikasa doesn’t wash Blake in a fight. Swap their positions in any fight in either show and Mikasa would always perform better.

  • I mean didn’t bendy even want the beef

  • that was actually not a fair fight 😅 1 hand u have a person with almost same combat skills as mikasa, but on top off that she has many magical powers. while mikasa is a human, a super solider pretty much, which isnt saying much. should have put someone with more similarity to her as an opponent.

  • Rick Sanchez vs Bender Rodriguez

  • Man, the animation in this one was insane, and whoever voiced Doom in this sounded fantastic, pun intended

  • Does anyone know what the name of the music was for Mikasa’s rundown?

  • This was such a stupid match up

  • It’s almost like RWBY characters always win???

  • What chance did Mikasa even have?

  • Team RWBY for the win!

  • This match was so unfair lol. Anyone could have seen Mikasa losing from a mile away.

  • Next time, maaaaybe don't play RWBY music from the very beginning of the fight. Kinda made the end result obvious.

  • I know everyone does this, but here's a Death Battle idea: Bill Cypher (Gravity Falls) vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk.

  • Hear me out on this one... Ultron vs. Brainiac

  • Nooooo hot hentai cat lady :(

  • Ngl: This wasn't even match, what was the point?

  • Iron fist wins po nowhere near as powrrful or experienced as iron fist literally a bad match up. Shouldve been bronze tiger dc vs iron fist

  • If you played kh then you knew that Mikey would win because the keyblade is SUPER OP!! Also yall are completely wrong about the roxas thing because roxas was inside sora the WHOLE time! He wasn't in the radiant garden AT ALL nor did he ever visit it...ventus did tho. But yeah if you played kh2 then you know that Roxas had returned to sora at the end, that was why sora was able to wield 2 keyblades at once ,do these guys not do there research:/

  • wasn't too big of a fan on the animation this time

  • Really lol mikasa shouldve won like mikasa wouldve got caught by that last hit🤦

  • Extreme Dinosaurs VS Street Sharks

  • Of course they were going to have the character Rwby win. Gotta love your coworkers right. Get the f*** out of here...


  • thanks for reminding me that blake exists lol

  • The results were so obvious it hurt it didn't help that there were some unnecessary spoilers

    • There was literally a spoiler alert before they begun. So it was kinda your fault at that point

  • BRleast still deleting my comments. 😒

  • Nice fight, but was Blake losing an arm really necessary? I mean, the irony isn't lost on me all things considered, but STILL...

    • Eh, can't be death battle without a high chance of the winner taking some sort of damage or having a near-death experience

  • Nice Yang reference

  • Hit the rock not her🤦

  • Never been more upset by an outcome... but if it went the other way, I’d still be upset.

  • 312-192 likes and dislikes Lmao

  • Po vs Iron Fist! Like if you love the panda, comment if you like Iron Fist to win.

  • No shot mikasa loses

  • im going full out mikasa she is really strong she is gonna win .

  • 9:38 Bommstick too OP. Better nerf Greninja.

  • Two things 1st/ I was scared of spoilers for both RWBY and attack on titan 2nd/ mikasa even with plot armor couldn't defeat blake smh though I knew she wasn't capable enough to hold her own against blake

  • Me seeing Po VS Iron Fist: This is going to be interesting My brain: Marvel VS DreamWorks: New Age Of The Swamp

  • "...Bootleg Virgil" 🤣👍

  • Scar twins!!!

  • this fight is so unfair after hearing blakes details

  • 10:34 Can we just take a moment to appreciate how excellent this dialogue writing is right here?

  • Love how DB's sponsors are the best for lonely incels. Real subtle, there DB. You know your audience so well. -_-

  • This is the second time a Death Battle has started because someone was trying to get someone else out of a dangerous situation. Really makes Frank and Blake look like assholes

  • Why was this even a fight? Mikasa is barely more than human

  • Boo

  • Boomstick: :It ultimately comes down to who's stronger, tougher, and faster." That's it. That's literally the main criteria for winning every fight ever. Especially in DB.

  • Captain America Battle Royale: Steve Rogers vs Isiah Bradley vs Sam Wilson vs Bucky Barnes vs John Walker

  • That awkward moment where the fight animation AND choreography looks 20X better than the actual RWBY show. Also this fight was hella rigged from the start, we all knew how it would end the second we saw the line-up

  • while i agree with the outcome, i'm tired of seeing dubious lightning dodging feats, especially in this case where the lightning dodged was in reaction to a character aiming said lightning, they knew where it'd strike and just knew where not to stand, i'd definitely argue their speed feats are very comparable

    • But you also need speed to dodge the said attack. For example if somebody points a gun in front of me and fire it towards my head I know the bullet is going towards my head and I just have to move my head but bullets travel fast so i need really fast speed to dodge the bullet.

  • The justice league super computer is slow, am I a speedster now

  • some thing that can kill one punch man would make me so happy

  • Imagine if RWBY fights were this epic.

  • The Flash: Speedforce DB fans: Saltforce

  • Way to rip off Disney's "Part of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid"

    • Who cares? It’s just a song from a stupid movie no one cares about anymore.

  • I’m never gonna get introduced to death battle 😢😢

  • Sorry scout you ain’t that great 😂😂 tracer ten times greater and that’s facts

  • Wow poor iron fist loses against akuma, I believe this before po vs iron fist happen if iron fist defeat po was my childhood have heartbroken, what the hell with death battle have bad idea, I hope I want to Po win and I remember Iron Fist in Spiderman Marvel animation series, I love both po and iron fist who greatest of kung of

  • I saw mikasa in the thumbnail and I had to see the badassery

  • How about Katara from Avatar vs Zabuza from Naruto?

  • wait hold up if she can react to bullets she can easily use her odm to dodge left or right its not like she ran out cause they would have shown us that in the timespan it took Blake to redirect the rocket to Mikasa was around 3 or so seconds meaning she would have enough time to use her odm she wouldn't just stay in the air like that not to mention she wasn't out of options she still had a set of blades meaning if she was able to get out of the way could have been able to kill Blake especially since her arm was cut off also I want to clarify I agree with Blake winning I'm not saying that Blake should lose I'm just saying that the was Mikasa died was bull

    • @NILAY SHARMA I suppose but still it’s a bit bs for me

    • Or maybe the fight was happening in super speed and the show slowed it down for entertainment purposes. Just like dragon ball.

  • Even though Mikasa lost, we all know that rwby is trash compared to AOT

  • I'm going to say it, I hate what they've done to Blake and Yang. For years they said they weren't going to get together, but because of toxic shippers they're shoving "BuMmbLEbeE" down our throat

  • How come we get better fight scenes from a random “what if” series then the actual series

  • Completely Unfair battle Jerks

  • ugh eeewww friend ship

  • Looking at the stats, I was like how is mikasa gonna win isnt she a just asian female captain america but still not as good.

    • Technical if compare feats cap heavily surpasses mikasa in all categories.

  • Accurate. Beerus beats Sailor Galaxia.

  • 30:56. 'Nuff said.

  • the mask vs buggs bunny next

  • hm, this unlike the rwby vs ragna one actually seems fair-

  • I feel like this is almost just spite lol. Rwby power levels are just way higher than AoT

  • So unnuh not guh say that that was a lie eren said

  • I knew Mika wouldn’t win but damn she as facing a superhuman :/

  • A saw this death battle coming months ago when I found the song on Spotify, even if it was a different song

  • Alternate Ending Naruto uses his Talk no jutsu

  • Why can't they just be friends

  • Where’s dms kakashi

  • Aura can take 4 tons of tnt yet she didn't die from 18.000 tons of tnt. Makes sense 😂

    • Blake was just too fast for the attack to hit her.

  • Was alright