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1:25Free Guy | "Blue Shirt Guy" Clip
Free Guy | "Blue Shirt Guy" ClipVisualizações 39 mil2 dias atrás
0:46Free Guy | Translation: Free Guy is Fun
Free Guy | Translation: Free Guy is FunVisualizações 10 mil2 dias atrás
0:31Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds is Blue Shirt Guy
Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds is Blue Shirt GuyVisualizações 18 mil2 dias atrás
0:31Free Guy | The Original Movie Event of the Summer
Free Guy | The Original Movie Event of the SummerVisualizações 16 mil2 dias atrás
0:33Free Guy | Jodie Comer Saves Ryan Reynolds
Free Guy | Jodie Comer Saves Ryan ReynoldsVisualizações 71 mil2 dias atrás
1:59Vacation Friends | Red Band Trailer
Vacation Friends | Red Band TrailerVisualizações 46 mil8 dias atrás
0:31Free Guy | Who is this Guy?
Free Guy | Who is this Guy?Visualizações 2,5 mi8 dias atrás
2:28The Last Duel | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios
0:46Is Free Guy a Date Movie?
Is Free Guy a Date Movie?Visualizações 26 mil8 dias atrás
0:31Free Guy | Marry
Free Guy | MarryVisualizações 1,1 mi8 dias atrás
1:00Free Guy | In One Month | 20th Century Studios
Free Guy | In One Month | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 28 mil15 dias atrás
0:31Free Guy | Hero | 20th Century Studios
Free Guy | Hero | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 46 mil15 dias atrás
2:07The King’s Man | Legacy Special Look | 20th Century Studios
2:25Free Guy | New Trailer | 20th Century Studios
Free Guy | New Trailer | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 4,6 miMês atrás
0:31The Empty Man | Now On Digital | 20th Century Studios
The Empty Man | Now On Digital | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 47 mil6 meses atrás
1:30The Empty Man | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios
2:34Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios
Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 2,4 mi9 meses atrás
1:13Free Guy | Trailer Tease | 20th Century Studios
Free Guy | Trailer Tease | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 118 mil9 meses atrás
0:16The New Mutants | Find Yourself Now | 20th Century Studios
0:16The New Mutants | Mutants in IMAX | 20th Century Studios
1:04The New Mutants | Meet Illyana Rasputin | 20th Century Studios
0:53The New Mutants | Smile | 20th Century Studios
The New Mutants | Smile | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 246 mil11 meses atrás
1:03The New Mutants | Meet Sam Guthrie | 20th Century Studios
The New Mutants | Meet Sam Guthrie | 20th Century StudiosVisualizações 138 mil11 meses atrás


  • Ah billionaire future dream of buying their product just to look cool with the other kids

  • is this supposed to be a twighlight parody 😂

  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

  • 2015

  • Steve and Deadpool? I can't wait for this.

  • Necesitamos una segunda parte 🥺

  • 0:14 Get over here!! Guy:scorpion!

  • So hauntingly beautiful! Fun fact, this movie was actually a passion project for Spielberg going back nearly 65 years; he only had the cast recording growing up in Arizona in the 50's, and he was always picturing how he would film some of the songs. You can definitely tell that this was a passion project for him based on this clip alone.

  • i swear, not a single movie that revolved around a video game has gotten huds right once.

  • YES YES YES I am so enthusiastically overwhelmed about this film. A Ridley Scott film only means that it is going to be a spectacular, pulse pounding edge of your seat ride....

  • I hope Ryan Reynolds' back will be okay after he finishes carrying the whole movie

  • this game had been held back by so much its pain

  • So considering this game in universe is highly popular... wouldn't they know he's an NPC because of the common bank heists that happen at "the bank" and he's always one of the tellers Or has apparently no one noticed this character before in the game until now somehow

  • What's next?? The full man??

  • I'm so excited to watch this movie

  • Mk

  • I'm really excited for this and this looks really fun

  • If HUDs in games actually looked like that, it would be annoying AF.

  • El pepe solo digo estp

  • Nice to see Matt kept his Covid hair.

  • you're*

  • The design of the B-Bots looks very similar to the design of the robots for a comic I drew in 5th grade... including the “malfunctioning” one which is the main character’s broken “Help-Bot” (I was a very un original 5th grader alright?)

  • Dear person, who reads it. Yes, I mean exactly you !! Maybe we don't know each other. Still, I want to say, that I believe in you !! You will certainly achieve your dreams and your happiness !! Just don't give up and be honest with youself !! Now you have atleast one person who constantly believes in you, which means you are fated to realize your dreams !! No doubts here ^) Best wishes for you ❤️ from a Friendly BRleastr.. ..

  • thought this was an apple ad in the beginning

  • I watched the trailer in French dub. It's also beautiful.

  • I’m excited to see this movie it looks amazing!

  • When you don't have good Wi-Fi

  • Even though the writing was bad but I but I found myself enjoying this movie

  • It's a Remake to the 1961 Version.

  • This movie is a win in every way. And I have the utmost respect for all the man and woman in a time of growth and acceptance.

  • I watched this movie recently and I actually loved it. I haven’t seen a good water monster movie in years since Pandorum and The Host (the Korean horror film from 2006)

  • I love how this is gonna have new dialogue. ☺️☺️

  • The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials

  • A robot with ADHD

  • STEVE!!!!!

  • The lego movie but for grown ups.

  • But Green Lantern was very good movie wtf?

  • A Russian spy film with zero Russian spoken, main actress is American and has an awful accent, and another flawed portrayal of the Russian government and spy unit. Also, the CIA agent is a moron.

  • 1:35 "on a sababa" you enjoy that sababa (I'm assuming it was supposed to be safari??) I hope you see cool stuff little guy lol

  • Bien 😊

  • Cast is silly.

  • Lol 💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Is that Wyatt from Ozark?

  • Ok them being users makes sense cuz what kind of game writes a cop dressed as a pink rabbit?

  • It contains the original cast member Rita Moreno. It should be good because Rita Moreno was the heart and soul of the movie to begin with.

  • Steve Harrington

  • We love u blue shirt guy

  • In Malaysia, it was Free Guy: Another Ryan Reynolds film...

  • Me Too movement, 14th Century style.

  • Bro is this the mint mobile guy

  • Jodie Comer is a total doppelganger for Annabelle Wallis.

  • I really hope that they dedicated this movie to Naya Rivera, who sang America on Season 3 of Glee

  • i thought steve was going to be a player

  • Didn’t know they were putting real cops in the movie

  • Next time show us the whole movie... WTF.

  • are yall sure though

  • RYAN REYNOLD = GOAT. Huge RR fan here! He keeps on keeping on with acting, marketing, business ownership and entertainment! There's just never a dull moment with him.

  • Wow. I could not be more underwhelmed if I tried.

  • It's that dude, what's his name, out of that show......

  • This has every chance to be great

  • So this is what Steve does when he's not babysitting the kids.

  • OMGGG STEVE FROM STRANGER THINGS! 🥵 Stranger Things is a masterpiece, fuxk up.

  • Looks not funny at all

  • Video games arent real life!? Whaat!!!!! Can I get kissed with a button? 😅

  • Pink Bunny literally said,"GET OVER HERE!!".

  • G Fuel's latest can flavor brought me here

  • So nobody is gonna talk about Steve💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️😅😅

  • Joe Keery is the best actor in the world and in stranger things he’s kinda like Thor with his progress from season 1-2-3

  • 0:07

  • This will be better than Ready Player 1

  • Jodie. Comer.

  • 40 year old virgin 😂

  • So this is what Steve blue shirt awesomeness job

  • w h e r e.... i s... p o k i m a n e.....

  • Everything about this is awesome... xD

  • Cool clip 👍

  • Ah yes, gta

  • How is this more “special” than the other trailer? We got maybe two more lines of dialogue and a couple of slightly different camera angles. Let me know when we actually get a “new” preview trailer 🙄😏

  • gta online